Best Magnetic Dart Boards for 2022 [Guide and Reviews]

Nowadays, kids don’t play as much as they should. They are astonished by the whole digital era going on, and all of their free time is being spent on iPads, iPhones, Androids, Mac PCs, computers, and Nintendos…

We know adults don’t have much time to spend with their children because of work and chores, but every parent sometimes wants to spend time with their kid.

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Since sports have to be played outside, games with toy guns can end up being dangerous and cards aren’t really that popular anymore, all that’s left are the real classic games that everyone loves. One of the classic games is darting.

Darting is great because there is barely any chance of injuring, the kids get to play with their parents and develop their motoric skills, it’s fun, and the game can last from 15 minutes to several hours, so you don’t have to be the one to get up in the middle of the game saying: „Sorry, got to go”.

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Best magnetic dart boards

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Magnetic or Classic Dart Board (steel tip and soft tip)

We all know what a classic dart board looks like: there is a board, and there are darts. The board can have some cool features like a digital pointer counter, a color scheme, a unique design, and similar things.

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However, everyone knows that the biggest problem with the classic dart board is the fact that the darts have to be pointy to get onto the board without falling. This means that they need to have a sharp edge that ends up on the board. The problem is, what if it doesn’t end up on the board?

That’s why a magnetic dart set is so much better. The darts are magnetic darts, and they are safe since they don’t have a pointy tip and therefore it doesn’t matter if someone misses the board. The magnetic board can also have all of the great features the classics have, but you get to be sure your child won’t get hurt!
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Best Magnetic Dart Boards

Let us present to you some of the best magnetic dart game options. These are both for adults and the kids, so don’t worry, you’ll get to play with them!

Rico NFL Unisex NFL Magnetic Dartboard

Rico NFL Unisex NFL Magnetic Dartboard

This may seem like a magnetic dart board for adults, but it is far from that. The beautiful design full of colors on this high quality 100% 18 by 16 inches felt will be mesmerizing to kids, especially those who enjoy sports.

This is a licensed board with 3-inch magnetic darts which are safe for daily use. The board itself has a string to be attached on, and for a phenomenal price, you get to choose which design of this magnetic dart set fits you best!

Doinkit Darts – Magnetic Dart Board

Doinkit Darts - Magnetic Dart Board

And here we have a pure classic, one of the most popular children’s dart board magnetic sets. It’s absolutely 100% safe with the soft darts that have a magnetic tip.

The hold is powerful, so there are no worries about scores getting mixed up, and the beautiful  1-16″ board is made in several colors divided and making the classic circular shape. Recommended for age 6+, no upper limit though!

You don’t have to be outside to play with it, and this set of 7 parts (6 darts and the board) is easily transported anywhere you want to play: ideal for birthdays.

BETTERLINE Magnetic Dartboard Set

BETTERLINE magnetic dart board for adult

If you want to make sure that you get an excellent magnetic dart board game, you may check out this one. It’s a 16“ board with 6 darts: three red ones and three green ones.

The manufacturer provided an e-mail manual that you get after purchase, but you don’t have to use it if you don’t want, there isn’t really much to learn about safe darting.

This set is significant because the board itself has a keyhole slot on the back, made to help you put the board up on the wall. As for the board itself, it’s filled with beautiful and vibrant colors, and the magnetic darts have exact tops.

Fun Adams Magnetic Dartboard with Safe Precision Darts

Fun Adams Magnetic Dartboard with Safe Precision Darts

Besides having a really good, classic looking magnet board ideal for those who want to get the feel of the original dart boards, this manufacturer spends a lot of their time developing the darts.

They made the fins aerodynamic, and therefore they fly much better than the average magnetic dart. The magnetic dart set included features six darts: three of them being yellow, three is red.

This board makes an awesome present both for adults and children.

PrimeTrendz TM Brand New Large Magnetic Dartboard Dart Board Game W/6 Darts

PrimeTrendz TM Brand New Large Magnetic Dartboard Dart Board Game

If you like spacious and elegant dart boards, you may want to check this one out. It’s much better looking than the classic ones and looks more professional, yet is still safe and won’t cause harm.

The board itself is made from rubber, steel, and velvet. It may seem like a weird combination now, but once you see it live, it all makes sense. It’s lightweight, so there will be no issues with putting it up.

Dart board is a great and affordable gift for children and adults of all ages all over the globe

Magnetic dart boards are a great option for you,  your children and family.

Since all the dart boards we mentioned are very safe for users, choosing the board comes up to personal preference of aesthetics, colors, and shapes.

All of them function the same way, so you’ll just have to choose the one that gives the best looks and quality in magnets!

Dartboards are interesting not only to children but also to adults and be sure that you will often be the one to start the game.

Enjoy darting and good luck in winning!

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