Best Outdoor Dartboards 2019 – Perfect Choice for Outside Fun!

Does outdoor dartboard model really exist? If you ask me, my answer will be no. If I ask you, dear reader, your answer will be probably yes :). So let me explain, don’t press X in the right top corner yet. I think that almost every dart board can be the dartboard for outside play. All you need is a way to hang and set up the board, enough place to throw the darts, and that is it. Is that logical? I have a few criteria when I want to pick an outdoor dart board. Stay tuned and I will teach you how to pick the best outdoor dart board. Before we go on the guide, let see my pick for the best dartboards for outside. If you wanna skip that part, just click here and go to the guide part.

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The best outdoor dartboards

Hathaway Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard and Cabinet SetHathaway Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard and Cabinet SetBristle / Cabinet
Imperial Officially Licensed NFL MerchandiseImperial Dart Cabinet SetBristle / Cabinet
Winmau Blade 5 Bristle DartboardBristle
Viper League ProViper League Pro-Regulation Bristle Steel Tip DartboardBrsitle
Fat Cat ElectronxFat Cat ElectronxElectronic / Cabinet

Hathaway Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard and Cabinet Set

Hathaway Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard and Cabinet Set

This is a cheap option for the outside dartboard. It is a full set, comes with cabinet, the scoreboard on each side of cabinet doors, 6 steel tip darts with US and UK flags.

The boards are classic bristle dartboard with the removable outer ring. This dartboard set has elegance look, also cabinets are good and for indoor playing because they are protecting walls. So you can get 2 in 1 option, for an indoor and outdoor dart game. This model is easy for set up, on the back you will find two keyholes and you can easily hang the whole cabinet with only two nails.

Manufacturer for this model gives you 180 days of warranty what is an enough for some cheap dart board. This one can be a great outdoor dartboard at a reasonable price.

Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise: Dart Cabinet Set

Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise: Dart Cabinet Set

Do you love darting and HFL? This is a great solution for you. This is a classic dart board cabinet with the logo of your favorite team on the front of cabinets door.

Also, the logo of your favorite NFL team is on the flights of your darts. Inside is classic 18″ bristle dart board. On both side of cabinet doors is chalkboard scorer for cricket and 01 games. Like for Hathaway model, and this one is easy for set up and also can be used like an indoor and outdoor dart board.

Only CON for this model can be a higher price, but for the true NFL enthusiast, I think that is ok 🙂

NOTE: All NFL teams are available!

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard

Is there anyone who play darts and who didn’t hear for this magnificent dartboard? I think the answer is no! This is a high-end bristle dartboard by Winmau manufacturer!

I don’t want to use here some professional term because this article is for amateur players. Just check what other customers say about this model and decide is this for you.  Great professional dart board which can be used for outside game. I mean every bristle dartboard can be used like dartboard for outside, so then is better to buy one of the best and play for a long time.

Keep in mind, as I have said above, bristle dart boards can be destroyed because of humidity or water, so take him inside after your game.

Viper League Pro

Viper League Pro

This is a well-known dartboard. It is classic bristle dartboard and can be used for outside play as well. This dartboard has tournament size (18″).

Viper League pro can be used as a soft tip and steel tip dartboard. My suggestion is to use a steel tip, because bristle dart boards are for steel tip, with soft tip darts you can have a lot of bounces out. With this set, you will get 3 steel tip darts, darts scoreboard ( it is a cricket scoreboard with chalk and eraser) and set for mounting. It is a pretty good offer for the affordable price.

This can be one of the best outdoor dartboards because the price is not high. So if you sometimes forget him outside, you will lose less money but still, you will play on professional dartboard 🙂

Fat Cat Electronx

Fat Cat Electronx

Above I present you a few classic bristle dartboards which can be used like outdoor dartboards. Here we have one luxury model, it is Electronx. It is electronic dartboard built in well design cabinet.

This model has 38 games and 167 scoring option. Maximum players are 8. As almost every good electronic dartboard, and this one has an electronic scoreboard, so you can easily track game progress. The package also contains 6 soft tip darts, AC power adapter, manual and everything you need for set up.

One more important thing, with this model you will get the 1-year warranty! This can be good electronic outdoor dartboard, but like for other models it is not waterproof dartboard, so take care.


It was 5 dartboards for outside game. Of course, as I have said almost every dartboard can be used like an outdoor dart board. I introduce you best outdoor dartboards in my opinion. You can check HERE ON AMAZON other models. But keep this on the mind “There are no waterproof dartboards, water or humidity will kill every dartboard”

So, Lets we go to the guide part.


How to pick the best outdoor dartboard?

Most people think there is some special model for the outdoor dart games. But there is no special model. As I have said above, almost every dart board can be used as an outdoor dart board. This will be my criteria when I look to buy a dart board for outdoor recreation.

  • The board must be easy to set up, easy to take off and easy to transfer
  • Is it for kids or for adults, or maybe both
  • Where am I going to hang a dartboard

Why is important for an outdoor dart board to be easy to set up, easy to take off and easy to transfer?

Maybe you find this funny and something you don’t want to think about. But for me this is important. Who wants to waste half an hour on setting up a dart board? I love easy-to-use boards, which I can hang in one minute, and I enjoy playing the game with my friends or family.
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Low take off time is important if it starts raining. Rain can destroy every dart board, so you must be fast if you don’t want to lose your dartboard. Even if your dartboard has a roof above, you must take off the board, because humidity can destroy your outdoor dart board anyway. Waterproof dartboards don’t exist, water is a big enemy for dartboards.

Even if outside is no rain, morning humidity can make damage on your dartboard for outside play. So I hope you now understand why I want to pick dartboard which I can easily set up and take off. Every day you must hang the board and hang off if you want to play for a long time.

Is it for kids or adults?

Why is this important? I will explain to you. If you plan to play with your kids, and they are under 10 years, I will not recommend you to buy dartboard with steel tip darts! Steel tip darts are sharp and kids can easily hurt. So in that case, some soft tip models or maybe magnetic dartboards can be an option. There are some velcro models which can be an option too. If you just looking for fun, maybe some soccer dart boards can be a perfect choice. We wrote a great article about that type of boards so you can read it here —-> The Best Soccer Dart Boards.

So let we back on this topic. So, If you need a dart board for adults, there are more option. You can pick every soft tip or steel tip dart board. As I have said above, every dartboard can be an outdoor dartboard.

If you looking kids friendly dartboard, check this article Best kids dart boards

Where will I hang dartboard?

This part is important because of the place where I will hang my dartboard for outside will tell me which type of dartboard I can buy. For example, I prefer a dart board with cabinet, but for that dart board you need a lot of space, also you need a flat wall. Cabinet has a bigger weight, so you must hang him in a secure place. Or for simple bristle dart board, you need tinner place and simpler hanging method. I hope you understood what I wanna to say 🙂

Final thought

I hope this guide helps you to find the best outdoor dartboard. As you saw, outdoor dartboard can be with cabinet, electronic, classic bristle etc. The most important thing is to enjoy the game with your friend, family, kids. And one more, outdoor dart board doesn’t exist, every dart board can be outside dart board 🙂


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