Best Electronic Dart Boards for 2022 [Guide & Reviews]

If you’re a true darts lover, then you’re surely familiar with the expression electric dart board. What is it so appealing in the electric dart machine, why it has become it item when it comes to darts? Stay tuned to find out all you have ever wanted to know about electric darts. In addition, we’ll help you find the best electronic dart board according to your needs.

Here are the top electronic dartboards.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 80015.5″39 games and 179 variationsCheck Current Price on Amazon
Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard15.5″57 games and 307 variationsCheck Current Price on Amazon
Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard15.5″43 games and 320 variationsCheck Current Price on Amazon
WIN.MAX Electronic Dartboard13.8″21 games and 65 variationsCheck Current Price on Amazon
Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament Electronic Dartboard15.5″24 games and 132 variationsCheck Current Price on Amazon
best electronic dart boards

Best Electronic Dart Boards

WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard
WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

This dart board for sale comes with 21 great games and 61 variations. It has a bright LCD display for easier scorekeeping.

Its electronic dart scorer is a great addition, while the automatic score announcer makes your game even more fun, as the voice keeps telling you the score, thus pushing you to go further.

Moreover, it comes with 6 soft tip darts and 40 tips; as well as a quality approved adapter and a game manual for all you might need to know. A truly great electric dart board that will fit all your needs.

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Fat Cat Electronx

Fat Cat Electronx electronic dart board

This amazing dart board with cabinet comes with 38 games and 167 scoring options. Moreover, it has an easy to read control panel as well as an LCD display.

Its great advantage is the built-in slots that can accommodate up to 4 sets of darts. If you and your friends wish to have a great time while enjoying your electric darts, this is a perfect choice for you, as it can accommodate up to 8 players, so no one will feel left out.  You can’t go wrong with this one, trust us.

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Viper 777

viper 777 electronic dart board

This Viper e dart has 43 games with 320 options, a truly great model. Moreover, its ultra-thin spider reduces bounce outs and allows for a maximized scoring. Another great thing about this electric dart board is its bright LCD display with an electronic dart scorer,  which gives you an ultra-clear view of the score, allowing you to play with maximum ease.

It includes 6 soft tip darts and mounting hardware. In addition, it requires 3 AA batteries or the use of an external power supply adapter to operate. A good quality dart board that will satisfy even the most demanding dart players.

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Arachnid Cricket Pro 800
Arachnid 800 el. dart board

This Arachnid electronic dart machine boasts with 39 games and 179 variations of which 7 cricket games for all the cricket lovers.  It can accommodate up to 8 players, while its great LCD display makes the scorekeeping a piece of cake.

An amazing electric darts board which will leave you wanting to play darts all day long. A perfect addition to your game room or living room.

Pamper yourself with this electric dartboard and enjoy your darts hobby to the fullest. Let the dart games begin!

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Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dart Board
Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard

This dart board might be the best dart board for beginners. Why? It is easy to use and comes with 18 games as well as 96 options, which is not too much, but just enough for an ever exciting game of darts.

Moreover, it includes 6 soft tip darts, and it requires 3 AA batteries to work. It would be a great addition to your living space, and a great choice for spending your free time. Dare to be unique, invite your friends for a game of darts, and have a blast. You’ll love it.

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Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard
Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dart board

This Arachnid electric dartboard is a true treat for all the hardcore darts lovers. An amazing dart board with 24 games, 132 options, and 5 cricket games gives you all you might need form an e dart experience.  The micro-thin segment dividers reduce bounce outs to maximum, while the Nylon Tough segments improve its playability and durability.

This electric dart machine features a voice prompt for players to throw, a solo play option, a player handicap feature, as well as a sleep mode. What more could you wish for, right? Don’t be afraid to spend some money, this electronic dart board is worth every cent.

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Best Choice Products
Best Choice Products Electronic Dartboard

This purposeful dart board includes 12 darts, 6 of each color, that can be easily put in built-in storage.  Up to 8 players can enjoy 27 different games with 216 great variations for hours of entertainment.

Moreover, it automatically enters sleep mode after 10 minutes without activity to save energy when not in use, which is a great feature overall.

As the majority of the electric dart boards, this one has an LCD display as well. All in all, a great electric dart board for every darts lover.

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Viper 797 Electronic Dart Board
viper 797 electronic dartboard

This tournament quality Viper electronic dartboard comes with 43 games, 240 options, and can accommodate an impressive number of 16 players.  More than enough room for your darts crew, right? Its ultra-thin spider reduces bounce outs and maximizes the scoring, while the impressive LCD display makes your game even more relaxing, as the score s more than visible while playing.

It includes 6 soft tip darts, mounting hardware, and a power supply adapter.  An electric dartboard worthy of a pro darts player. That being said, what more could you ask for? Spend some money and enjoy your passion to the fullest.

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Franklin Sports FS6000
Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic Dartboard

This Franklin dart board is tournament sized and includes 28 games with 167 variations. The easy mounting system has all you need to mount the board in seconds and enjoy the game. His e darts board comes with 6  soft tip darts and 2 different light colors, as well as a specially designed built-in dart storage and a bonus of 6 replacement tips!

Can you already see you and your buddies enjoying a good game of darts on the electric dart board? We bet you can; so you know what you need to do. Buy this Franklin electric dart board and enjoy the game.

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Arachnid Bullshooter Marauder 5.0
Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 5.0

This sophisticated electronic dartboard cabinet brings a touch of elegance into your game space. With its integrated wood doors, it is perfect for any room of the house, as it won’t ruin the overall decor.

It comes with 38 games and 137 variations, as well as 4 scoring displays for an overall experience.  As you can already conclude, the wood doors, are perfect storage for your darts, thus keeping it clean and tidy.

Yet another dartboard cabinet worthy of a pro player. There’s not much more to ask, is there?

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Types of electronic dart boards

There are some different types of electronic dart board available on the market, each with their own specific advantages and features. The most common one is a regulation-sized electric dart board. These have the exact same size as the ones you see in tournaments, and basically mimic that experience as much as they can. If you’re out in public, you will most probably see this type of electronic board.

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With advancements in wireless Internet technology, cyber play boards have also started to find their way onto the market. These can be of different sizes, but the advantage is that they are able to access the Internet and either find competitors anywhere in the world for you or connect with your friends who are in another location, so you could enjoy a good game of e darts nevertheless.

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To top it off, there are kid-sized electric dart boards as well. The mentioned are usually smaller than the regulation-sized ones and are made for young children, to enjoy the game. Their size makes them easier to mount lower on the wall. Moreover, it helps to build up the hand-eye coordination in small kids through the game.

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One of the biggest reasons why one should get an el. dartboard instead of a standard one is the fact that this one has games pre-programmed into it and can do the scoring for you, so you won’t have to do it manually, which gives you more space to enjoy the game. So when you decide to buy an el. dart board, make sure that it has enough different games that you want to play; already pre-programmed in. You can, without a doubt, play any game and score manually, but then that feature takes away one of the biggest advantages of having an electric dart board, doesn’t it?
Furthermore, you’ll surely want to see how many players or teams you can play with. Some electronic dart boards only allow you to have two players. Others allow up to six or more teams. Buy the e dart that will accommodate the number of players you’re likely to have.

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The Best Electronic Dartboards Manufacturers

Another thing we must mention is the most famous electric dart boards manufacturers, just to give you a hint of what to pay attention to when looking for your electric darts machine. Viper, Winmax, and Arachnid are certainly some of the best known electronic dart boards manufacturers, that boast with quality and style.
All that being said, it is time to start the countdown. We bring you some of the best electronic dart boards for sale. The market is big and the competition is harsh, but these models certainly are the best e dart boards out there.

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In the end, all we can say is; whether you choose an electronic dart board with cabinet, a simple dartboard to mount on the wall; the most important thing is to do it at your taste. The market is packed with electronic dart boards for sale, so choose wisely and enjoy the game. We hope this article will help you to do so.

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