Best Inflatable Soccer Dart Boards for 2022 [Guides & Reviews]

Are you a darts fan? We assume you are. If that is so, prepare yourself for a completely new level of fun when it comes to a game of darts. Yes, you’re right; today’s article is all about soccer darts. Or as you might hear it called-velcro soccer darts. We’ll get to that velcro part later.

What is soccer darts? How do you play it? What is an inflatable soccer dart board made of? What is it’s dimensioned? Eager to know all about this fun and exciting darts game? Stay tuned.
Best inflatable dart boards

Self Outdoor Inflatable Soccer Darts Board with 6pcs Inflatable Ball for Sports Game

Self Outdoor Inflatable Soccer Darts Board with 6pcs Inflatable Ball for Sports Game

This inflatable soccer darts board is made of reinforced oxford. It is perfect for outdoor parties, backyard entertainment, fun family barbecues, and any other functions.

Foot darts game is the new hit when it comes to outdoor entertainment. Great fun for an entire family or a group of business partners. It doesn’t really matter, what matters is the fun and the relaxation you get out of the game. So, buy this amazing inflatable soccer darts board, and have all the fun you want. Moreover, it comes with six balls included. You won’t regret it, that’s for sure.

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Banzai Land Bouncer All Star Inflatable Kick Dartboard Set

Banzai Land Bouncer All Star Inflatable soccer Dartboard Set

Banzai inflatable soccer darts board takes outdoor games to the whole new level. This amazing soccer darts board has a self-sticking surface and comes with 4 self-sticking kick-balls. Kick the ball at the target as hard as you can, and it’ll stick where it lands. In that way, you can easily keep track of your score in the soccer dart. Moreover, it includes 2 water bag anchors and tether ropes, so the soccer dartboard could be kept secure at all times. All for your fun and careless soccer darts experience. Make foot darts game your new favorite pass time. We are sure both you and your family will enjoy it.

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Sayok Outdoor Oxford Cloth Inflatable Soccer Darts Board with 6pcs Inflatable Ball for Sports Game

Sayok Outdoor Oxford Cloth Inflatable Soccer Darts Board with 6pcs Inflatable Ball for Sports Game

This inflatable soccer darts board is perfect for foot darts. It is made of reinforced oxford, and great for outdoor activities. It comes with 6 inflatable balls, which is a great thing, as it has all you need for a perfect fun day outdoors. Thanks to its size, the soccer dart game should be a piece of cake, once you get your hitting technique perfected. It doesn’t matter if you play one on one, or in two teams, this soccer dart board is up to the game, that’s for sure, Start practicing and be the best one in the game, you know you’ll like it.

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ANNATTO Outdoor Inflatable Soccer Darts Board with 6pcs Inflatable Ball for Sports Game

ANNATTO Outdoor Inflatable Soccer Darts Board with 6pcs Inflatable Ball for Sports Game

This giant soccer dart board is made of reinforced oxford and is therefore perfect for your outdoor foot darts game. As well as the previous model, it includes 6 inflatable balls, which makes it a perfect choice for your favorite game of darts. Whether we are talking about team buildings, or family gatherings during sunny weekend afternoons, this soccer dart board is all you can wish for. Dare to be different, dare to make foot darts your go-to activity. You won’t regret it, we can guarantee that. Let the fun begin!

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What is soccer darts?

Soccer darts is a darts game played with a ball, instead of darts. (as you may have concluded from its name). It is also known as foot dart darts. A foot darts game is usually a great family past time, a game intended for pure fun with not many rules or strategies involved. The only goal is to win!
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A soccer dart is a game is intended for two players or teams only. It is a very tricky, physically challenging game, but great practice and outdoor fun. The main aim of soccer dart is to be the first team/player to score 10 goals.

When it comes to winning the first hit, the rules here are pretty simple as well. The player/team whose dart gets the closest to the bullseye is the first to hit.¬† Let’s explain it all in detail, just to make sure the initial phase of foot darts game is understood to the fullest.
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soccer darts

When it comes to scoring a ”goal” in soccer dart, the players first need to “take possession of the ball”. To take possession, you must hit a bullseye (either a single or a double, it counts the same). Once you have the possession, you keep the ball until the other player/team takes possession of it by hitting a bullseye.
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Only the player/team that has the possession of the ball is allowed to score goals. To score a goal, you must hit any double field on the board. The double fields refer to the thin outer ring of the board, as well as the inner-bullseye. All the double fields you hit on the entire board count as a single goal and you, therefore, score one point for you or your team. As for the strategies in foot darts game, there actually isn’t any. What you need is, take the ball, score the needed number of goals, and win.
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Now, let’s talk about dart boards. Soccer dart board is a usually an inflatable dart board.

Inflatable soccer dart boards are the popular addition to many outdoor parties. Having fun by hitting the targets with balls is always good entertainment. Inflatable dart boards can be both small and gigantic. Giant inflatable dart boards are usually soccer dart boards, while the smaller sized ones are usually intended for children.

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All the inflatable soccer dart boards tend to use sticky material which holds the ball on the target. The target area is commonly made of a durable material that is as mentioned, inflatable and firm. Some smaller inflatable dart boards are less durable than the giant inflatable soccer dart boards, but due to that, the small versions of inflatable soccer dart boards are way less expensive than the giant ones, as expected.

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What is an inflatable soccer dart board made of?

The soccer dart board are usually made of PVC, reinforced oxford or velcro material. All with one purpose, to make the game as exciting as possible, and to make the balls stick to the surface. The reinforced oxford is actually perfect for outdoor activities, so it is no wonder these dart boards are made of it.

Yet, the velcro material is the most popular one, we could say. That’s why a foot darts game is in many cases cold velcro soccer darts. Indicating the fact that both the balls and the soccer dart board are covered with velcro fabric.

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We hope this article has introduced you to the amazing game of foot darts. Make the most out of your free time out in the open, and get your soccer dart game on point. The inflatable soccer dart boards, the balls, and a good company is all you need. Be it a velcro soccer darts, or the one played with both soccer dart board and balls made of reinforced oxford, the goal still remains the same-to win! We dare you not to play.

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