Best 10 Dart Board Cabinet (Complete Guide for 2022)

Have you ever wondered why is there such a big fuss about a dartboard in the cabinet?

Today, we’re going to tell you just everything that you might need to know when it comes to buying a dartboard cabinet set. To be more specific, cabinet dartboards.  

We’ll first deal with some core information you need to keep in mind when choosing or thinking about buying a dart cabinet, and we’ll later focus on recommending some of the best dartboard and cabinet sets available on the market.

Why would someone even put their dart board in a cabinet; that’s the first question that comes to most people’s minds?

If you, for example, walk into a pub or a bar, the boards are always just hanging on the walls, inviting people to give it a try at darts.

Nevertheless, if you think closely, there are various advantages regarding the purchase of a dartboard cabinet set.

Dartboard cabinet

The best dart boards cabinets

Winmau Professional Darts Set

This is one excellent Darts set offered by Winmau.

This is what you get with it:

  • Winmau Diamon Plus Dartboard
  • A dartboard cabinet (including chalk and duster)
  • Six darts
  • Oche line
  • Check out table

The Winmau Diamond Plus is one of their top dartboards in terms of quality and feel. It has great self-healing capabilities, darts sink nicely, and the thin wiring and design help minimize bounce-outs. 

The cabinet is of very good quality, and the extra accessories make for a complete package at a very fair price. 

However, the darts are cheap and not of the highest quality. Consider them a good starter set, but you will want to get yourself a quality set of darts down the line.

Overall it is definitely worth considering.

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Barrington Chatham Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set

dartboard with cabinet

Okay, I have a thing for quality vintage looking dartboard cabinets that can give you that distinct feeling of being in a bar or a pub, if you will.

And this steel tip dart board cabinet is definitely a beauty.

Good and sturdy dartboard cabinet that comes with a quality 17.75′ self-healing dartboard, six steel-tip darts, flights, and a mounting bracket.

Something that I personally like is the LED lights that are installed on the upper frame making it appear really authentic late in the evening. The chalk boards use a chalk marker – so there’s no need to worry about chalk dust. And the cabinet feels sturdy and solid.

A premium looking dartboard cabinet, that is easy to assemble and mount, that just looks nice and will last you a long time? Yes, please!

Overall one of the best additions to any man cave or a bar room!

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Viper Hudson All-in-One Dart Center

Viper Hudson All-in-One Dart Center

This all in one Viper cabinet set of a classy, elegant mahogany finish; includes a dry erase scoreboard, out-chart board, dry erase marker and a mounting hardware as well.

Viper Shot staple-free bullseye dartboard included in the set; is made out of sisal/bristle fibers compressed together, providing unsurpassed durability, thus a greater life expectancy of the dartboard.

This is a truly wonderful cabinet set, including everything one might need for an amazing darts experience.

A perfect addition to your game room for sure. Enjoy your game.

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DMI Sports Deluxe Dart board Cabinet Set

DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set

This deluxe dart board cabinet set includes an official tournament size bristle dartboard; it has a replaceable chalk scoreboard on the inside of each door.

Moreover, it protects the wall from stray darts; but what’s most important, hides your dartboard when not in use; keeping them safe and clean always. This light oak finish dart cabinet holds 2 sets of darts as well; for your relaxed game of darts, as you know everything you might possibly need is already there.

A great cabinet that would complement any living space for sure. Don’t waste your time, there’s nothing left to think about.

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Hathaway Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard and Cabinet Set

Hathaway Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard and Cabinet Set

This Hathaway dartboard and cabinet set, includes a sisal fiber bristle dartboard with the removable outer ring, while its rounded target frame ring prevents any possible bounce outs, for your safer experience.

Moreover, it includes a dual dry erase scoreboards and dart holders on the inside of each door, for a greater commodity. It comes with 2 sets of darts as well, giving you all you might need.

Its dark cherry finish provides an additional classy touch to already wonderful dartboard and cabinet set. A true delight of equipment.

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Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard

Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard

This Viper cabinet comes with an impressive electronic dartboard featuring 57 games with 307 options and accommodating up to 16 players. A large missed dart catch ring offers great protection for your wall from errant throws, so you can enjoy your game of darts freely. Furthermore, its bright LCD display delivers a great, clear view of scoring and statistics, eliminating manual scorekeeping, and making your life that much easier.  This magnificent built-in dark wooden cabinet would be a great addition to your game room for sure. It is time for you to choose correctly.

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Imperial Dartboard Cabinet Set

Imperial Dart Cabinet Set

This dart cabinet set includes an 18-inch bristle Dart board, six NHL logo steel-tip darts with team name on the flights, two chalkboard scorers, chalk and eraser; all you might need for your darts game. Furthermore, its light wood will adapt beautifully to any of your living spaces, while the logo spreading over the doors gives it an additional competitor strike. It would be great to have such a piece of equipment in your possession, wouldn’t it’ So what are you waiting for, please yourself and enjoy the game!

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Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dart board Cabinet Set

Fat Cat Electronx

The fat cat dart board with cabinet set comes with an electronic dart board, with 38 games and 167 scoring options; cyber play with 5 skill levels; that can accommodate up to 8 players. It is easy to read control panel and LCD front display will make your life easier and more comfortable when it comes to keeping track of the score while playing. A great feature indeed.  Furthermore, it comes with darts, 6 spare tips, AC power adapter, mounting hardware, and a game manual. To top it off, it has a 1-year warranty, in case of any possible problems. Give it a try to this amazing electronic dartboard with cabinet, you surely won’t regret it.

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Arachnid Bullshooter Marauder 5.0

Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 5.0

This soft tip dart board cabinet set is ideal for a game room. With its Colorful backlit scoring, large active score window, 38 games with 137 options it offers everything a darts lover might ask for. The integrated wood doors give a touch of luxury and elegance, but most of all, keep your board as well as your darts safe and clean all time round. An excellent choice indeed, we hope someone will recognize it as the best set for his/her needs. This one is a true gem.

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Trademark Gameroom Darts

Trademark Gameroom Darts

This dartboard set includes 6 steel tip darts and a chalk eraser. Furthermore, it has a magnetic door closure; as well as a door mounted cricket chalkboard.

Its wooden finish gives it a bit rustical yet fresh appearance. Perfect for a true ‘man cave’ where it will surely be a centerpiece of attention on the wall.

A perfect place to secure your dartboard as well as the darts from undesired attention. Don’t hesitate this great dart cabinet will be the best dart board cabinet set choice you might have bought.

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Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0

Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 soft tip dartboards

This electronic dart board with cabinet includes an amazing dartboard with 34 Games with 183 variations of which 4 cricket games as well.  It can accommodate up to 8 players, and has 2 large X/O LCD displays for Cricket as well as 4 score displays, for an easier score monitoring during the game.

The wooden doors give it a touch of elegance and make it adaptable to any living space, be it a game room or a living room.

A truly great choice for anyone in love with the unique game of darts.

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Advantages of Dartboards in Cabinets

Furthermore, possibly, the best reason for someone to buy a dartboard in a cabinet is the pure aesthetic matter. What is a better accessory for your game room than a classy dark wooden cabinet storing a high-quality dartboard?  Furthermore, you might as well want to protect your valuable dartboard from any undesired events; like kids passing by and throwing different sharp objects at it. A dartboard cabinet not only looks truly amazing, but it’s also a good way to keep your board clean and safe all the time you’re not using it.

The thing with darts specifically is the fact that they are rather small and therefore it is very easy to misplace or lose them. A cabinet, on the other hand, offers a way to keep your entire darts equipment safe and organized at once. You can store all of your darts, extra tips, extra wings, scorecards and more in your darts cabinet at any time, so there will always be ready to use and at your hand; no matter when you might need them.

Moving on, before we get started with our dart board recommendations, we should take a moment to mention some of the features and qualities you might need to take into consideration when choosing your best dart board cabinet set.

The best dart boards cabinets

Dart boards alone aren’t actually so expensive.  These are simple boards in different color segments, sum numbers, and wires. The feature that gets the price up when buying a cabinet set is the cabinet alone.  Therefore, you need to be sure that the cabinet of your choice is made of high-quality materials and will last long enough to approve its price and supposed quality. Furthermore, you might want to avoid something too heavy; as it might be quite hard and demanding to put it up on the wall at a given time.

One more thing, you must know that it is possible to buy the aforementioned dart board cabinet sets- which as the name suggests, include a dartboard. Nevertheless, it is also possible to buy an empty cabinet without dartboard, so you are able to place an already existing dartboard in it. Also, here are simple mostly wooden cabinets, as well as electronic dartboards with cabinets; for you to choose from. It is all up to you.

When it comes to cabinet manufacturers; there certainly are some that stand out. When talking about standing out, we’re thinking of American heritage, Viper, Dart world and of course Hathaway; so you might want to keep that in mind when buying your dart board cabinet.

Now it is time to proceed with the list containing some of the best dart board cabinet sets available out there on the market. Enjoy the list!

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In the end, we can say that dart board cabinet is a great choice for anyone wishing to keep his darts equipment safe and in order at all times. However, the choice is entirely up to you as always. All we can say is, you can never go wrong with a dartboard in the cabinet, no matter what you choose. Even If you already have a dartboard, you might want to consider buying a cabinet without a dartboard in it; it is also a possibility. We hope this article was helpful and enjoyable to read.

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