Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard Review – Great Option For Indoor Fun

Viper Neptune electronic dartboard is made by a well-known manufacturer, and it offers a wide range of functions and games, and all that wrapped in a nice hardwood case. Good quality commercial-grade materials are used in the production of this dartboard, which ensures product longevity and that it can withstand a large dose of maltreatment. Most importantly, all these things together guarantee years of fun.

We are going to take a closer look at this product to see if the high sales positions that Viper Neptune holds for quite some time are justified.

Neptune electronic dartboard Review

To Whom it is Intended?

Viper neptune package

This is a home-use product, intended for everyone who wants to spend time in a fun and active way. It is great for concentration, hand-eye coordination, and keeps you active.  It is probably the most family fun that you can have indoors. It is a great way to detach your kids from the high-tech gadgets that almost grew-in into their hands.

What’s included in the package?

In the package weighing 24 pounds, you will find a built-in wood cabinet, 6 starter soft tip darts, mounting hardware, an external power supply adapter (5V, 1000 mA), and an instruction manual. Everything you need to start the game.

Overview of Features

The Viper Company really made an effort to combine the classic game with modern features.

You will love:

The Dartboard. The 15, 5 inches regulated size dart board- it will make you feel like on a tournament. It has a nice color scheme that gives it a touch of elegance. The ultra-thin spider made out of commercial-grade nylon segments will significantly reduce bounce-outs, and provide years of worry-free use.  There is a large catch ring surrounding the target and it creates a landing zone for any missed shots, thus protecting the walls.

The board comes with standard 16-gram darts, but users report that 14 grams and 18 grams can also be used without problem.

Viper neptune scoreboard

The LCD scoreboard. Bright LCD display delivers a clear view of scoring and statistics, no need to write down the results. It features 57 games with 307 options, supporting up to 16 players. Some of the options available are cricket, 01, single in/out, double in/out and double bull.

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The scoreboard includes an extended display with extra fields, so games like Minnesota and Spanish cricket can be played. It even features a voice that speaks English and Spanish. Its interface enables the player to quickly access the most popular games and options.  American Cricket, Count-Up, or 301 can be activated instantly with fitting shortcut buttons.

The Options button displays difficulty settings and game variations. You can easily regulate the rogue throws by pressing Bounce, Eliminate, or Miss.

The hardwood cabinet. It has two functions. When it is opened, it is to protect the wall behind from damage by stray darts. When it is closed, its function is to look great. Both functions are unquestionably fulfilled. In addition, the cabinet has holders for two sets of darts and additional soft tips.

The dimensions when it is closed are 26.5 Inches high, 21.75 inches wide, 3.5 inches deep. When you open it, they grow to 26.5 inches high, 58 inches wide, and 3.25 inches deep.

You may not love

neptune electronic dartboard target area

The ac adapter. Some of the users complained that the quality of the adapter doesn’t match the quality of the dartboard.

The wall mounting anchors.  Customers reported that they don’t expand much when in the wall, so it might cause some stability problem. Checking the anchors before mounting is advised, and replacing if needed.

A very competitive computer. If you play against the computer, you might get a little bit annoyed. On a beginner level, it is fairly easy to beat. However, if you move up to the intermediate level, and you are ahead of the computer, it starts to score doubles and triples. Some customers complain that there is no middle setting.  On the other hand, it may be a great incentive to improve your skills, just out of spite.

Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard vs Other Dartboards

The main competitors of this dartboard are:

Viper Neptune vs Fat Cat Electronix Electronic Dartboard.

This dartboard has a smaller target face, 13, 5 inches.  The ABS cabinet is sturdy, but not quite a looker, at least when it is open. It has fewer games, 38 compared to 57 on Viper Neptune. It also has fewer options, 167 compared to 307, and falls behind in the number of supported players. It can accommodate only 8 players, while Viper Neptune can serve 16 players.  It is slightly cheaper, however, it falls behind in the feature and design department

Viper Neptune vs WIN.MAX Electronic Dartboard Set with Cabinet

Compared to Viper Neptune, this dartboard leads in the number of the darts in the standard package, 12 compared to 6. But customers often complain about their quality.  ABS durable cabinet is the base of this dartboard, compared to the Neptune’s wood, and there are fewer games and options available. It has 27 games with 197 options, and it can support up to 8 players, while Neptune has a total of 16. The price is pretty much the same.

Viper Neptune vs Arachnid Bullshooter Marauder 5.0 

This set is made by a proven manufacturer, and it also has a wooden cabinet.  The number of darts that come standard is the same, but it falls behind Viper Neptune in the number of games and options:  38 and 137, respectively.  The number of players supported is smaller, 4 compared to 16 with the Viper Neptune.  In the price department, there is no clear winner, they are about the same.


This electronic dartboard set seems to offer a complete package. Good evergreen design is combined with hi-tech LED displays and modern features very successfully. Quality is assured by using commercial-grade materials and manufacturing procedures. It has many games and options that will keep users entertained for a long time. The price may be a little bit higher than some of the competitors, but it has many advantages compared to them. It can be said that it’s justified.

Wrap up

The Viper Neptune is definitely a good buy. You may spend more on purchasing, but it will be worth it in the long run.  Who said you can’t put a price tag on sheer fun?

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