The Best Kid-Friendly Dart Boards for 2022 (Kids Safe Choices)

How can we know that a dart board is suitable for kids? Safety must be in the first place, safety in the second again, then fun in the third. In this article, we will talk about the best kids dart boards in our opinion. We will review all the aspects and we will help you to find the best dart board for your kid(s).

A magnetic kids dartboard

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The Best Kids Dart Boards

BETTERLINE Magnetic Dartboard Set

Magnetic Dartboard Set for kids and adults

Let’s start with “editor choice” for kids over 6 years. This is a kid friendly dart board with magnetic darts. Hanging is simple, on the back is keyhole so set up is easy. In the package are 6 safe magnetic darts, 3 in red color and 3 in green color. Type of dartboard is the same as the classic dartboard, so the game can be fun and for adults. Size is 16 inches, what is also the same as for classic dartboard. I was really looking for some CONS for this model, but honestly, I didn’t found anything… If you are looking for some dart board which can be used for kids and adults, this can be a great choice!

TYPE: Classic dart game.

Recommended age:6+

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Fabric & Velcro Dart Board Game with 6 Velcro Balls

Fabric Dart Board Game with 6 Balls Using Hook-and-Loop Fasteners

In the review above, I have talked about editor choice for kids over 6 years. Now is time for “editor choice” for kids over 3 years. This is a little sensitive group so you must be careful in your choice. I will recommend you this velcro dart board because velcro balls are much safer than magnetic darts. Games for velcro dart boards are inspired by classic dart games, but the point here is on learning. For kids in those ages, the most important is to learn, and parents must teach them. As I have said above, the game is the best option.

Therefore, this velcro ball has vivid colors and that will keep kids attention, kids won’t be frustrated because the game is easy and they will learn very fast. I must warn you to take a care about velcro balls. There is always the possibility they crush a ball then they can eat a small part of the crushed ball. So keep attention on that.

TYPE: Velcro kids darts game inspired by a classic dart board game.

Recommended age:3+

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Doinkit Darts – Magnetic Dart Board

Magnetic Dart Board for kids

One of the most selling kid’s dart boards on the market. It is and magnetic dart board with elastic and kid safety darts. The recommended age is 6+. Dionkit is kid magnetic dart boards which is really easy to set up. On the back, you can find two removable keyholes (like on wall clock for example) which can be used for hanging. I have found only one CON for this model, that is used materials. This is cardboard which can be a little disappointing because of the price. For something which cost around 30$, I think used materials must be better. Anyway, that doesn’t mean this is not a good the dart board for kids. It is a safe toy for kids and that is the most important.

TYPE: A Classic dart board with Magnetic Darts

Recommended Age: 6+

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Toysmith Magnetic Dart Board

Toysmith Magnetic Dart Board

This magnetic kid’s dartboard is almost the same as the classic dartboard. The difference is only in size. Size for classic dartboards is between 13.5 inches and 18 inches, and this one is 11.5 inches. Otherwise, expect magnetic darts and the size, everything is the same. This dartboard is made with the highest safety standards. Which is the most important when we looking for kid dart boards. As for Dionkit, I found one CON. They made poor quality darts, but you can fix that problem if you buy separate some better magnetic darts. Therefore, this is the good choice if you are looking for some safe dartboard for kids, only you need to do ( of course only if you broke your’s) is to buy better darts. Almost I forget, the recommended age is 6+.

TYPE: A Classic dart board with Magnetic Darts

Recommended age: 6+

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Matty’s Toy Stop Deluxe 12″ Velcro Dart Board

Matty's Toy Stop Deluxe 12" Velcro Dart Board

Let’s take a look on something for a little smaller kids. Therefore, this velcro kid dart board is the perfect option for kids over 3 years. If you read some customer reviews, you will find some people use this type of dartboards for smaller kids, but if you even decide on something like they are, keep attention on them. CON for this type of kids dart boards is ball quality. If kids broke a ball, and you are not near them, they can eat parts of the ball! Otherwise, this can be a great toy, it’s made with vivid colors, it’s easy to use and kids love this type of dart boards. As I have said above, they can learn a lot of in early ages with this game. For example, they will learn how to share because they must wait a turn and all other things I have said above in the paragraph about benefits.

Type: Velcro kids darts game inspired by a classic dart board game.

Recommended age: 3+

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ActionDart Soft Tip Darts and Dart Board Set

Soft Tip Darts and Dart Board Set for kids

I was searching a lot to find some good soft tip model for kids. I think this one will be the perfect one. It is a classic dart game. Darts are made with elastic materials and cannot hurt kids as well as walls or furniture. It is easy to set up, on the back are keyhole so you can easily hang the board. I found only one CON, sometime after throw darts cannot stay on the board. They just fall down, but this does not happen every time. Otherwise, this can be a good dart board for kids and for the adult. Recommended age is 6+.

Type: Classic Dart Game

Recommended age: 6+

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Types of dart boards for kids

Classic dart games are played with soft tip darts or steel tip darts, but for kids, there are some other solutions like magnetic kid dart boards or velcro kid dart boards. For older kids, some soft tip dart boards (plastic darts) may be the option, but for this type of a game, children must be a little older.  The recommended age is at least 6+. For velcro kid dart boards it is 3+ and for magnetic children dart boards, the recommended age is 6+.  So we have 3 options, soft tip (plastic), magnetic or velcro. Let’s talk a little about each of these models.

Velcro kids dart boards

Velcro dart board for kids

As we have said above, the recommended age for this type of kids dart game is 3+. So, that means this is not only for small kids but that velcro dart games are also fun for older children. That means that Velcro dart games are not only fun for the small kids but for the older ones as well. This type of game is fun for adults too. With this type of a game, kids (or adults) throw a velcro ball, so they can’t get hurt. The board is also different from the one used in a classic dart game. It depends on the manufacturer, but the point of the game is the same, you have numbers and you try to score.

Many manufacturers make velcro boards with vivid colors which is also important if we are looking for a dart board for kids. Many manufacturers make velcro boards with vivid colors. That is also important if we are looking for a dart board for kids Colors are important to keep kids attention. If you are looking for safe dart boards, this is the best option.

Magnetic Dart Boards For Kids

magnetic kids dartboard

When we talk about magnetic dart boards, the recommended age is 6+. Like for velcro darts, magnetic dart games can be fun for every age. Most magnetic boards are the same as the classic dart boards, but the main difference is that we use magnetic darts for this type of boards. They are also kids friendly dart boards, and this type of dart boards can be good for practice so that they can go to the next level (soft tip or steel tip darts) in the future. A lot of magnetic boards are portable, so kids can play dart games almost everywhere. You just need to find a place where you can hang the board and enjoy the game with your kids.

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Soft plastic Children Dart Boards

soft tip children dart boards

This is the next level of the game. Here we talk about real dart boards and real darts. The recommended age by some manufacturers is 6+, but I think that is early. I would recommend at least 9+. Of course, that depends on kids, but generally, that is my opinion. Plastic darts can hurt some parts of the body like eyes, so here you must be really careful. If you even decide for this option, never let kids play alone! So I added this type of darts in this article because I would like to warn people. In “review” part I will present only one type of kids dart set with this type of darts.

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Benefits of playing kid dart games

The first one is that it is a family activity. Every child loves to play with their parents. Playing with kids improves their feelings of security and that is important for tife because they build self-esteem. The second is that they improve their social skills, they built sports spirit, they learn to win and lose which is also important for life. The third is coordination and the fourth is patience. All these benefits are important and the good thing is that they learn all of these in a game. That is the best way to teach kids something.

So, now that we have seen what types of kids darts we have and the benefits of playing kids dart game, it is time to see some affordable models. We did a little research for you, and we can recommend you these models:

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Final Thoughts

I hope I helped you to pick the best kids dart board. If I didn’t, I don’t care :). I do my best. I m just joking. Spend your time with your kids, with dart boards or other games. They will grow up fast, and in the end, you will be sorry because you didn’t spend more times with them.  I know carrier is important, but kids are more important! So find something that will be fun and for you and for them and enjoy! CHEERS!

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