Best 9 Velcro Dart Board Sets 2019 – Safe Option For Your Kids

Darts are popular all over the world, people play that game from early childhood to old age. This game can be easily called evergreen.  It has evolved from throwing arrow tips to the modern electronic dart boards and plastic soft tips. It is natural that parents want to involve their kids in this game.

The parents are always looking for games that would be fun, educational, improve coordination, gets them moving around. But safety is important, and giving sharp objects is not really an option. So the Velcro dart boards came into play.  They were combined with small balls wrapped around with Velcro tape to make the game even safer, and to help the kids improve their coordination before they move to Velcro tipped darts.

Altogether, they make a really fun game that is completely beneficial for small children, absolutely no downsides. So if you are looking to buy this game for your small ones, check out this list, we have compiled a breakdown on the 15 of the most popular Velcro dart board sets.

You will probably find what you are looking for. After the breakdown, we will talk more about the benefits of this game.

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Best Velcro Dart board Sets

1. Toys – Hungry Toss Shark Toys – Kids Dart Board – 1 Fabric Board && 4 Soft Darts for Kids 3+

Interesting twist on a popular game. Instead of balls, your kids will be throwing little fishes to a dartboard shaped like a shark’s mouth. So the fun will be double. This play set includes 1 shark fabric dart board with four balls designed like fishes.

Toys – Hungry Toss Shark Toys - Kids Dart Board – 1 Fabric Board && 4 Soft Darts for Kids 3+

It is not hard to hit, because the dimensions are 17inches X 20 inches. The interesting design is not the only feature that this set has going for it. It is BPA and phthalate free and We.Org receives a portion of sales from every B. Toy purchased. It is lightweight and can be hanged everywhere. So it is safe in every way and you can help a good cause by purchasing.

The users are not reporting any significant drawbacks.


  • Interesting design
  • BPA free
  • The manufacturer donates part of the sales profit to a good cause


  • In the package, you will get just 4 fishes
  • They cannot be purchased separately

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2. WEY&FLY Sticky Darts Board Set

This 12 inches dartboard comes with 4 softballs and a twist. It is double-sided. On one side there is a classic score keeping board. On the other side, there are three boxes in which the balls should be thrown in. it is a nice addition to the game, and it will probably keep the kids interested for a longer period.

WEY&FLY Sticky Darts Board Set

It is lightweight and easy to hang anywhere. The balls stick to the smooth board, and they do not have Velcro tape around them, they use another way for sticking to the board. That is gentler to the hands than Velcro, which can sometimes irritate the child’s hands. Also there is no Velcro tape that can sometimes fall of the balls. The users describe this item as sturdy and of good quality.


  • Interesting design
  • Double sided with two different games
  • It is sturdy and quality made.


  • The price is somewhat higher than the competitors

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3. Matty’s Toy Stop Deluxe 12″ Fabric Safety Dart Board Set with 6 Hook & Loop Balls

This dartboard is 12” in diameter, and it comes with 6 Velcro balls. The lightweight dartboard is easy to hang anywhere.  It is completely safe for children, and can be used from ages 3 and up. No need to say it is fun. The Velcro hooks hang tight to the board so the balls will not fall off by themselves.

Matty's Toy Stop Deluxe 12" Fabric Safety Dart Board Set with 6 Hook & Loop Balls

Most customer complaints are about the quality of the product.  The Velcro tape is falling off the balls, and have to glue it back. The wire or plastic frame inside the target is just a little warped so it doesn’t quite lay flat against the door. This issue doesn’t really affect the play.


  •  Not expensive
  • Easy for play


  • Questionable quality

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4. Kids Dart Board Game with 6 Balls Using Hook-and-Loop Fasteners | 11.8 Inches (30 cm) Diameter | Classic Game and Safe for Kids by BETTER LINE

Kids Velcro Dart Board Game with 6 Balls Using Hook-and-Loop Fasteners

This 11, 8 inches dartboard is made of textile and comes with 6 Velcro covered balls in two different colors. It is lightweight and can be hung anywhere. The balls stick well to the board, but still come easily down when you pull them, without pulling the whole board of the wall. It comes with 100% Hassle-Free- Guarantee. You can return it for a full refund. Some users mind that the balls are made of wood, not from soft materials.


  • The set contains 6 balls.


  • It is not cheap
  • Considering what it offers

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5. Maranda Enterprises Target Toss

Another interesting twist is awaiting you with this dartboard. IT has Velcro squares on it, and the balls are regular cloth balls, without Velcro. That means that even if you lose some balls, you can use tennis balls instead. That is a really nice option. The dartboard is made of good quality rubber and nylon, it is foldable and inflatable.

Target Toss can be played at the office, tailgating, camping, Inflatable inner bladder makes Target Toss safe and portable. It has straps so it can be hanged anywhere. It can be used outdoors and indoors.

Maranda Enterprises Target Toss

The customers complain mostly about the air bladders that don’t hold air for too long. The Velcro on the board rips quickly through the gentle balls. But they can be substituted with tennis balls.


  • Interesting design
  • Velcro on the board instead of on the balls
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Good quality


  • The balls may be too gentle compared to the harsh Velcro on the board

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6. Nerf Sports Challenge Tailgate Target

Nerf Sports Challenge Tailgate Target

This interesting dartboard is intended for outdoor use, mostly stretched on your car tailgate. The set Includes one nerf Tailgate Target and three nerf Velcro balls. The easy fold nerf Tailgate Target has a 26″ diameter. Adjustable support straps are compatible with most vehicles & tailgates. It is intended for ages 8 and up.

Most customer complaints are that the balls are too lightweight and that they do not stick to the board very well.


  • Interesting design
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Lightweight and safe balls


  • Just two balls

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7. Wooden Crotch / Fork / Sling Shot with 8 Pieces target balls with Scoreboard

Velcro Dart Board with Wooden Crotch

This 14 inches dartboard comes with eight balls in four different colors and a nice twist- a slingshot, to make this game even more interesting.  The manufacturer has used high-quality materials which are outdoor-use friendly. The UV- rays and the rain will not hurt them.

The users have no particular complaints about this model.


  • The set has eight balls
  • It can be used both outdoor and indoor
  • There is a slingshot in the set


  • The price might be a little higher than the competitors

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8. Toysmith Get Outside GO! Neon Dart Ball Set

This dartboard set has three balls and an interesting feature. The target can be inflated, and it can reach a size of 24 inches. That is the biggest target we covered in this review.

Toysmith Get Outside GO! Neon Dart Ball Set

It is recommended for ages 3 and up, and the larger target can be great for smaller kids to learn to throw and hit the target immediately, and not get discouraged by misses. What is mostly reported as a problem is a fact that it doesn’t hold air long, and needs to be re-inflated regularly.


  • Inflatable large target.


  • The target doesn’t hold air well, needs to be re-inflated on a regular basis
  • The price is a little bit higher than the competitors

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9. Velcro Dart Board Ozean Game

The manufacturer states that this is a wooden board, more durable than cardboard or textile board. It is not too large, about the size of a dinner plate. The build quality appears to be good, as customers report.

Velcro Dart Board Ozean Game

The wood used for the board makes it more durable, but a little heavier than cardboard or cloth boards, so it cannot be hanged anywhere you want, and it needs to be secured.


  • Good quality
  • Wooden board


  • Small board

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The Benefits of the Velcro Darts Game

Modern parents have less time to spend with their kids and often make the mistake of giving them some modern way of entertainment, a tablet, smartphone, or laptop…

Everyone is aware that modern games and entertainment for the children are more and more pinning them to the screen. They are designed to offer them immediate satisfaction. If they want to watch something, they can just hit the button. They do not have to wait for the show to start on TV. If they want to play some game, they have settings easy to hard. The easy setting gives them immediate satisfaction. They do not have to make any effort, wait for something, and try harder…

Velcro dart board

That trend is increasing as technology progresses. The kids develop problems with the mobility of their fingers, they lose the ability of facial expression and can have posture problems.

So it is crucial to offer them some sort of entertainment that can be beneficial for them, and keep their attention. Introducing –Velcro darts.

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They are safe enough to let your kids play alone. They help improve their coordination, mobility of their fingers, hands, and shoulders when throwing. They have to walk to the board to unpin the darts and balls. The game will make them want to improve their throwing skills in order to hit the bulls-eye. They will develop competitor spirit, not only with against others but against their previous results.

The game itself will teach them that have to make some effort in order to reach satisfaction, it will not be handed to them on a platter.

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This game is also a great opportunity for parents to spend some quality time with their kids, improving on their bond. It will be fun for parents too.  The kids love games that include repeating the same procedure over and over. For most of the parents that can be a nuisance. This kind of repetition will surely not be boring. It will also be a good recreational and fun activity for the parents too.

Unlike some of the modern entertainment that always make parents feel guilty about, there is absolutely no downside to this game. It can be enjoyed without restrictions. It is safe, easy to set-up, beneficial in so many ways and affordable.

There is no excuse not to try it out with your kids. You will enjoy it.

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