Dartboard Measurement – Dartboard Height and Distance

There are some rules about dartboard mounting measurements. Maybe they don’t seem too important for home use, but if you mount your dartboard at home with the wrong measurements, you will get used to them after a while. You might want to go outside to throw some darts and brag about your new skills, and when you confront the regulated mounted dartboard, your hand, eye, and brain will need time to adjust. There will be a lot strayed darts, and maybe some blushing.

Dartboard Measurement - Dartboard Height and Distance


The other, a maybe more important reason to follow these mounting dimensions is that darting is a game with history. And it has evolved through time, so the current measurements are the result of a lot of trials and errors, and they represent the most comfortable and safe way to play darts.

So, now that we have convinced you to mount your dartboard properly, we will tell you how to do it.

The dartboard is 18 inches in diameter. It is about 1,25 inches thick. The center of it is called bull.

Dartboard Mounting Height

It should be mounted on a wall, or another vertical surface, so that the center of the dartboard is exactly 5 feet 8 inches away from the floor. It is an approximate eye level of a six-foot man. The scoreboard can be placed on either side. It is highly recommended that you have some sort of protection on the wall behind because rogue darts can cause damage. Also, mounting next to the windows, TV sets, or anything breakable is not recommended. By that, we mean- avoid completely. Dart math is a good way to protect the darts because bounce-outs happen, and darts can suffer damage if they hit hard concrete or tiles.

Another thing that’s good about the dartboard mats is that they have the Oche (throwing line) marked. If you want to mark the Oche yourself, you will have to follow these guidelines:

Dartboard Distances

  • If you are using steel tip darts, the distance from the wall to the Oche needs to be 7 feet, 9, 25 inches.
  • If you want to measure diagonally, the distance from the center of the board to the Oche has to be 9 feet.
  • If you are using soft tip darts, the distance from the wall to the Oche need to be 8 feet.

Now that we have supplied you with these facts, you can do the easy work of mounting the dartboard.




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