The Most Popular Dart Games and Their Rules

Darting is extremely popular and widely played. Naturally, when so many people are playing, they are always looking for a new and interesting way of competing.  Over time, many interesting games emerged. Some are great for beginners, while some are more fit for experienced players. We will take a closer look at some of the most popular dart games played and we hope it will help you find something that you like.

The most popular games are Cricket, 01s (301,501, 701), Around the world, Killer Darts and Scram.

The Most Popular Dart Games and Their Rules

Cricket Dart Game Rules (In the UK it is known as Mickey Mouse Darts Game)

Cricket dart game rules

It may seem a little bit confusing at the start, but it’s very fun to play and easy to catch up. Its popularity is mainly contributed by the fact that even weaker players have a chance because there is some strategy involved, not just skill. The numbers used on the board are 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, and the center. The goal is to open and close all those numbers and have the highest score. The number must be scored three times in order to close it. The game would go like this:

The players will take a turn throwing one dart at bullseye, closest dart to the center will get to throw first

The player throws a dart. He hits 20. He writes a slash ( / ) in the scoreboard. He hits another 20, he will write down another slash which makes it X ( X ). If he hits another 20, he will draw a circle ( O ) around the X, thus marking that he opened that number. Double and triple point count here too, so if he hits a triple 20, he will automatically open (own) the number. The other player can do the same, and that will mark that number closed and out of the game. For example, hitting closed 20 would count as a miss. The strategy part comes in when Player 1 has closed a number. Then the Player2 must determine whether he should try to close that number, because now Player 1 can write points on that number, or proceed on scoring more points, depending on how the game is progressing. Remember, the goal of the game is to score more points. And you can score them while the numbers are open. In order to prevent Player 1 from scoring points, Player 2 must close that number by getting three marks. If the number is closed, Player 1 can no longer score points on that closed area.

The game ends when all of the numbers have been or closed by the best-scoring player.

301 Dart Game Rules

Both players start with 301 points, and the goal is to reach 0. Each player takes a turn throwing 3 darts. In order to start counting score, a player has to hit a double number first. That will open the scoring count for him. He throws darts, adds the score from all three throws and subtract it from starting 301 points. The first player to reach 0 will win the game. The catch is that the last throw has to be a double number. Example: If a player has 40 points, he can close with a double 20. But he hits a single 20. Now he has 20 points, and he must close with a double 10

501 Dart Game Rules

Pretty much similar to the 301. You start with 501 points and subtract to zero. The difference is that it is easier to start because a player doesn’t need a double number to start counting score. He starts counting immediately with the first throw, provided it lands within the board margins. There is also 701 game, that game is the same as well as 301 and 501. So, I think is not necessary to write one more time the same things 🙂

Around the world Dart Game Rules

Around the world Dart Game Rules

Pretty simple game. The goal is to work your way through the board, in numerical order. Starts with one, ends with 20. Bull’s-eye is not usually included, but you can add it to make the game more interesting. You mark your way on the scoreboard as you go, and double or triple points are counted as single.

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Killer Darts Dart Game Rules

This game is a little bit different than the rest because each player will aim and try to hit only one number. Aiming just one number doesn’t sound too interesting, but just wait. The numbers for each player are determined by throwing one dart with their week arm. Right-handed players will use the left hand, and vice verso.  If they miss the board, they will throw again until they hit some number. Then the players will take a turn throwing at their numbers, and the goal is to hit it six times. For the first hit, he will write letter K, the second one letter I, and so one…until he spells word KILLER. Double and triple lines are taken into the account. If you hit a double your number, it counts as two letters, and so on. After he achieves that, he can start aiming at other players numbers. Each time he hits them, they will lose one life- letter. When they run out of letters they are out of the game.

Scram Dart Game Rules

This is a game for 2 players. On a scoreboard, there should be written numbers 20 to one and bulls-eye. All in the middle, in descending order, 20 at the top, bulls-eye at the bottom.

Each player will write his score on one side of the board. One player will be the stopper and the other one will be the scorer.

First, the stopper will throw 3 darts. Each number he hits will be closed for scoring. Then the scorer will take turn throwing. Each field he hits that Is not closed gets points. This will continue until all the numbers and the bulls-eye are closed. After, the roles will change, and the process will be repeated. After the second round ends, the player with the highest score wins.

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That was rules for some of the most popular dart games. There are a few more games, but we will talk about them the next time. In my opinion, there is the only one rule, HAVE FUN! If you are not planning to be a professional player, just enjoy this magnificent game.

Till the next time! Cheers!

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