How to Play Around the World Darts [Tips, Tricks, Rules]

Are you interested in a simple dart game that does not involve any complicated strategies? In that case, you should definitely consider playing around the world darts, which is also known as around the clock darts.

How to Play Around the World Darts? To play around the world darts (also known as around the clock darts), each player throws three darts per turn and races to hit each number in order from 1 through 20. The first player to hit in order each number on the dartboard wins the game of around the world darts.

Below I get into more depth answering many of the questions that players who have never played around the world darts have. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to check the rest of this article.


Rules of Around the World Darts

Around the world can be played by any number of players. In fact, it is one of the dart games you can play by yourself.

Each player throws three darts per turn. The goal of the game is to hit each number, starting from one and working your way up to 20.

There are no points or advantages of hitting a double or triple. As long as you have hit your number, you can move on to the next number on the dartboard. All you have to do is hit each number with just one dart.

When the first player has thrown all of their three darts, then it is the turn for the second player to do the same thing starting from 1 working their way up to 20.

The numbers have to be scored in order. If you were throwing for 1 and hit the 20 by mistake, this is counted as a miss, and you will still need to hit the 20 when the time comes.

The winner is the first player to hit all the numbers in order from 1 to 20.

Who Goes First in a Game of Around the World Darts?

There are no established rules as to who is supposed to go first. However, if you cannot decide, you can choose the order of the players by having each player throw a single dart at the bullseye. The player who’s dart has landed the closest to the bullseye goes first, and the player who’s dart landed the farthest from the bullseye goes next.

How Long Is a Game of Around the World Darts?

Around the world darts is a fast-paced game; it can be finished in 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the skill level of the players.

If you play by yourself you can, in theory, finish a whole game of around the world darts in a little over 2 minutes.

What Is the Throwing Distance When Playing Around the World Darts?

When playing around the world darts use the standard throwing measurements. They are as follows:

  • For a steel tip dartboard: 7′ 9 1/4″
  • For a soft tip dartboard: 8′

Can a Game of Around the World Darts End in a Tie?

Around the world darts usually does not end in a tie. There should always be a winner—a player that manages to hit all the numbers on the dartboard in ascending order.

The only way I can see this game ending in a tie is if both players get stuck on the same number, and after prolonged and fruitless throws, they both decide just to give up.

How to Keep the Score in a Game of Around the World Darts?

You do not need to keep score when playing around the world darts. There are no running totals or any scores whatsoever that need to be kept track of in any way.

As long as you can remember what number you are up to, you are good to go. If you are worried you may forget your number, or you want to pause and get back to your game at a later point, then you can write the number you are up to down on the scoreboard or a piece of paper.

What Do You Need to Play Around the World Darts?

There is no need for any special equipment or accessories. All you need in order to play around the world darts is a dartboard, a set of darts, and at least one player.

On What Kind of Dartboard Can You Play Around the World Darts?

Around the world darts can be played on any dartboard that has the standard arrangement of the numbers 1 to 20. The most commonly used dartboards are:

for detailed info of the best dartboards in each category, make sure to click on the links above.

The type of dartboard use will not affect your ability to play or enjoy the game. The only thing that is important to keep in mind is that a soft tip dartboard takes soft tip darts and a steel tip dartboard – steel tip darts.

If you are considering joining a local league at some point, it is recommended to play and practice on the same type of a dartboard.

Strategy Principles of Around the World Darts

The game is very simple, and what wins the game is steady and consistent throws. There are no underlying strategies or tricks that you can use to your advantage here.

If you are playing against a substantially more experienced player than you, you can introduce some kind of a handicap like them using one or two darts per turn or limiting the scoring area to the doubles or the triples.

Try not to get too nervous. Consider this a practice game, if anything. This is the time to pay attention to what numbers you miss more frequently and which numbers seem not to give you any trouble.

I invite you to mark down these numbers so you can make a mental note of them. Knowing these elusive numbers can be of tremendous help as you can focus on them and practice hitting them in your spare time.

This game can be used to discover any weak spots and inconsistencies hitting the doubles and triples too.

You might be able to discover any problems with your throwing style as well like if your darts go left or right for some reason.

For What Dart Players Is Around the World Darts Best For?

This is easily one of the best games that is suitable for both complete beginners to experienced players. The reason why I am saying this is that this game is one of the best practice games that dart players can play if they want to improve their throwing consistency.

Around the world darts is a great practice game because it involves the whole dartboard and not just particular numbers – something that you will see on Mickey Mouse Darts or Cricket.

This means that you will have enough time to practice hitting every number, not just the lustrous 20.

This game is perfect for beginners and should be used part of the daily practice games new darts players play.

Advanced players can also benefit from playing around the world darts because this will give them a chance to brush up on some numbers that they may not have had the opportunity or need to play recently.

What Are Some Variations of Around the World Darts

There are a lot of different variations and twists you can put to this classic dart game. Below I share with you some neat ways to add a little more variation and challenge to your game if you feel like it.

  • You can have the players continue throwing darts until they miss a number. This means that an expert player should be able to finish in just one turn.
  • You can limit the scoring areas to just the doubles, or triples, or the inner or outer singles.
  • Take things to the next level and consider playing 180 Around the Clock.
  • You can have a player go back one number if they miss hitting their target number with all their three darts or even with a single dart.

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