Best Darts Accessories for 2022 (A Full List)

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Sometimes people play darts using just a dartboard and a set of darts. I know it because I was doing the same thing a long time ago. Then I realized there are many different darts accessories that I can use to make my life so much simpler.

So I decided to make this comprehensive list of the best darts accessories that are actually worth buying—because not all darts accessories are good or worth your while.

The accessories I will be listing below are not going to be in some specific order.

Which one you will need most will be up to your personal preferences and needs.

Of course, I have added some important information below each in order to better decide on whether or not you need it.

A steel tip dartboard

Dart Accessory Kit

A darts accessory kit is a great way to bring life to old darts. It is especially valuable for people that are getting back into darts.

In a way, a darts accessory kit can also be considered an excellent gift for darts players. If you are interested in darts gifts, make sure to check out my article on the best gifts for darts players where I get into more detail about all the do’s and don’ts

The Best Darts Accessory Kit

If you are looking for the best value darts accessory kit, you really can’t go wrong with this one from Shot Taker. It is an excellent variety kit with lots of accessories, and everything you may need is organized nicely.

This is what you will find in this all-purpose variety kit:

  • 12 long plastic shafts
  • 12 short plastic shafts
  • 9 aluminum shafts
  • 6 darts weight accentuator
  • 12 darts flights
  • 20 flight protectors
  • 20 dart shaft rings
  • 1 darts sharpener
  • 1 darts wench
  • 1 O-ring applicator tool

And all that comes in a nifty plastic box. The overall price is very fair, definitely a great value kit.

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Darts Scoreboard

By using a scoreboard, you can keep score in a nice and easy way. There are a lot of different types of darts scoreboards that you can choose from.

The really neat thing is that you do not have to worry about chalk mess. Of course, chalk scoreboards are the true classic when it comes to darts, but today we can also use other, a lot of cleaner alternatives.

The Best Darts Scoreboard

IgnatGames Dry Erase Darts Scoreboard is one of the best and most versatile darts scoreboards you can get today.

It takes a few seconds to see that this scoreboard has been designed by somebody who understands darts.

First, it is a dry erase scoreboard, which means no chalk and no mess to clean after each game. All you need is a few markers, and you are good to go.

The scoreboard is designed for ’01 games and cricket. But it is also perfectly suitable to meet the requirements of many other darts games.

The scoreboard’s size is good, and you will not find yourself struggling to find space to keep the score.

It is a two-sided scoreboard, but what is more, is on one of the sides you will find an out chart. The out chart covers all the outs from 170 down to 40.

A scoreboard that is both inexpensive and super versatile? Can’t go wrong with this one.

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Darts Out Chart

While we are on the topic, let’s take a look at another very underestimated darts accessory.

An out chart is very helpful when you are playing any of the ’01 games. It really makes life so much easier as you can make those quick closeout calculations in just a few seconds, and this can help you develop your scoring strategy.

The neat thing is that this is an extremely inexpensive darts accessory, as it is basically a poster. And let’s not forget that you can use a 2-in-1 darts scoreboard like the one I mentioned above.

The Best Darts out Chart

darts outchart

If you want an out chart, I would recommend going for the scoreboard that I have discussed above.

But maybe you already have a scoreboard and don’t need another one.

In this case, a standalone out chart may be more helpful.

The best darts out chart, in this case, is the one offered by Dart World.

This is 16″ by 24″ poster that has a nifty, color-coded and very beautiful design.

The colors are bright, clear, and easy to distinguish. The out combos that are being shown on start from 170 and go down to 61.

The only rant I have for this out chart is that it is a little expensive for a poster.

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Darts Grip Wax

I have written about darts wax before and how useful it can be to darts players that may have trouble getting a good grip on their darts as they throw.

Usually, this can happen during the warmer months of the year when your hands can get a little sweaty. On the other hand, other players may have problems with their grip during the colder months as their hands get very dry.

Either way, a small and inexpensive accessory like the darts grip wax can be very useful in a scenario like that.

The Best Darts Grip Wax

PerfectDarts Finger Wax is one of the best value products you can get.

For a very low price, you get three wax tablets that you can use while playing darts.

It is a lot cleaner than using talcum or chalk and is perfectly suitable for people with both sweaty or dry hands.

Rubbing your fingers on this darts wax tablet will add extra tackiness and improve your grip.

Be careful not to keep the tablets close to sources of heat as they can melt.
Overall it is an as simple solution as they come at a very modest price. With that being said, don’t expect any miracles as it is a simple wax tablet.

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The Best Darts Chalk Ball

Alternatively—and this is something even the pros use—I would invite you to consider getting a chalk ball.

I always preferred using a chalk ball as it provides arguably the best improvement in one’s grip.

The neat thing about chalk balls is that some of them can be refilled when needed.

The downside is that, well, chalk is a lot messier than wax.

For an excellent, low-priced chalk ball, I recommend the Z ATHLETIC Chalk Ball. There are a few different models, but I have found out that the 1 oz and the 2 oz chalk balls work best. Well, it really depends on how big your hand is, but you can’t go wrong with either one.

It is a high-quality, durable and non-toxic chalk ball that will last you a really long time unless you lose it or puncture it somehow.

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Darts Throw Line

Of course, when it comes to darts, there are some strict rules, especially when it comes to the throwing distance.

A throw line can make things a lot easier for you and your buddies when playing darts, as it can clearly mark where the oche is. This will ensure everybody throws from the same distance. And if there is one thing that has stirred up a lot of arguments, it is definitely the throwing distance and people cheating.

There are different kinds of throw lines, so which one will be the best for you will depend on your personal preferences and setup.

The Best Darts Throw Line

A quality dart throw line does not have to be expensive. In fact, Viper’s throw line is one of the best ones you can get at a very low price.

It is a durable throw line designed for both casual and professional players.

The neat thing is that it also has an axis rectifier scale, which you can use to adjust your stance depending on your preferences. By using this scale, you will be sure that you are throwing from the same position every single time.

The design and colors make it easily visible.

And all you need to do to install it is take the necessary measurements, peel it and place it on the floor in the right position.

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Dart Tool

A dart tool is usually a very small gadget that is used for a variety of things. You use it to tighten your darts to insert the flights and so much more.

A dart tool just makes the life of a dart player so much easier, that it can be considered almost a must-have accessory.

The Best Dart Tool

This dart tool kit includes the top three dart tools any darts play need to have.

  • A darts tool suitable for both steel tip and soft tip darts. It can be used for tightening the tips and shaft. It can also split the shaft so that you can insert the flights a lot easier.
  • A darts sharpening stone for properly sharpening your darts. The bowl-shaped end is perfect for making sure the tips of your darts are properly sharpened and not too pointy.
  • An O-ring applicator which makes inserting the o-rings so much easier.

What else can be said here, all three dart tools work and come at a very low price—overall excellent value.

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Dartboard Surround and Backing

A good darts surround, or backing is almost a must-have in my books.

For one, it will provide protection to your walls when playing darts, and secondly, it can also be used to dampen a little the sound of the darts hitting the board.

There are a few different types of surrounds that you can find.

The Best Dartboard Surround

The Dart-Stop’s surround has been out for a while, and it still remains one of the best dartboards surrounds out there. It is perfect for any standard steel tip dartboard.

It measures 36″ by 36″, and it is 1″ thick.

Just holding this surround will immediately allow you to feel how sturdy and durable the built quality is.

This is easily one of the best, and most premium quality dartboard surrounds out there that will keep your wall protected from errant darts.

The only downside is, the fact, that it is more expensive than other surrounds that are made from just foam. (Through which, by the way, darts may still be able to penetrate occasionally.)

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Darts Case

Whether or the purchase of a darts case is going to be worth it will depend on a few things.

Firstly, a darts case is used for storing darts in a neat and organized way. It offers some reasonable protection to the darts inside. 

Secondly, a darts case is great for traveling as you don’t really want to be keeping your darts loose in your backpack or luggage, for example.

The Best Darts Case

What one will consider the best darts case is dependant on how many darts they will need it to hold. Usually, darts cases are made for holding 3, 6, 9, or more darts.

Currently, Casemaster is offering some of the best value darts cases that can be found on the market.

The Casemaster Legion aluminum darts case is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to have secure storage space for up to nine darts. It is spacious and has enough space for everything that you may need.

The aluminum outer shell is well-built will protect your darts from any unexpected bump and hits.

The price is very affordable, and the quality is great, definitely excellent value.

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Darts Holder

A dart holder is a neat accessory that can add a little more bar vibes to your game room or man cave.

If you already have a dartboard cabinet, the investment in a darts holder may not be worth it as you most likely will be able to store your darts in the cabinet.

The Best Darts Holder

The Viper Dart Caddy is a great dart holder that is made from solid wood. It is more expensive than other plastic alternatives, but it is also a lot more durable, stylish, and fits well with any dartboard set up.

You can fit up to 4 dart sets on it.

On the bottom of the wooden frame, you will find a small hook that is intended for hanging the small velvet pouch, which can be used for holding shafts, flights, tips, and other darts accessories.

The holder hangs on two screws, which are easy to install.

The overall build quality is not the best as it is rather cheaply made; however, it is a good purchase for that price.

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Dart Sharpener

A darts sharpener is used to sharpen steel tip darts. With time darts’ tips can get dull from hitting a concrete wall, a tile, or the floor. This is where a sharpener stone may come in handy to bring some life back to your darts.

However, a darts sharpener can do a lot more than that, as it can be used to rough the edges a little bit. Many darts players use this little trick, including me, to help darts stick better in the dartboard and reduce the chances of a dart falling out.

The Best Dart Sharpener

Luckily for us, a darts sharpener does not need to be anything complicated or extraordinary. This makes darts sharpeners very inexpensive and easy to acquire.

This beer mug shaped darts sharpener is a simple but very effective way to sharpen your darts properly. It comes with a key chain, which means that you can keep it with you at all times.

It is a handy pocket-sized sharpener—about 1″ by 3/4″—so it will not take a lot of space regardless of where you put it.

The hole in the middle where goes across the whole stone, so it opened on both ends. You may or may not like this depending on your preferences.

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Dartboard Cabinet

A dartboard cabinet is a neat way to store your dartboard and other darts accessories and keep things nice and organized. However, finding a good dartboard cabinet may prove to be more difficult than once imagined.

Best Dartboard Cabinet

This dartboard cabinet by Viper is available in two different wood finishes. It is made from solid wood, and the built quality is very good. There is also a built-in area for storing darts.

The backing is made from black felt that looks very stylish and classy.

This cabinet also comes with a dry erase scoreboard and an out chart.

The cabinet is easy to install and set up; all you need is a drill, a tape measure, and a level, and you are good to go.

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Dartboard Cabinet Lighting

A dartboard, depending on where it is placed, may need a light fixture to be properly illuminated.

This small addition to your dartboard setup can make all the difference between good and bad darts practice. Poorly light dartboard may cause you eyestrain, and you will feel tired sooner than expected.

Best Dartboard Cabinet Lighting

This dartboard cabinet light is easy to install and will allow you to play even in very dim rooms. But let’s be honest, nothing beats playing darts in a relaxed environment, which reminds you of a pub or a bar. And this is not achievable in a brightly lit room.

The lights can be adjusted slightly to face the dartboard, which is a great little feature as nobody wants the lights to be facing them directly, essentially blinding them.

The lights are battery powered, but there is also a power adapter (which is sold separately.

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Darts Mat

A dartboard surround protects your wall, and a darts mat protects your floor. These two darts accessories offer something more as they also protect your darts.

While a dartboard surround is almost a must-have, a darts mat is more of an optional accessory. A darts mat is worth getting only if you are worried darts may damage your flooring.

Best Darts Mat

Viper offers one of the top heavy-duty darts mats. It measures 117″ long, 24″ wide, and 1/4″ thick.

On the mat, you will find clearly marked the two standard throwing distances (for both steel tip and soft tip darts).

When not in use, you can easily roll it back up and store it somewhere out of the way.

If you are interested in checking out a more in-depth list of the best dart mats, including some alternatives, please, check out my article on the best dart mats.

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Darts Flight Protectors

Flight protectors may not be a must-have darts accessory, but they can be helpful in many situations. A flight protector is placed at the end of the flight. Its purpose is to keep the shape of the flight and prevent any permanent damage to the flight from falling.

It is important to keep in mind that a flight protector, no matter how small, will add weight to the dart.

The Best Darts Flight Protectors

These are one of the best flight protectors that you can use.

Many of the other flight protectors are oftentimes very short and fall off the flights after a few throws. These, however, are longer and stay on the flights.

They are easy to apply and will keep your flights protected. Great value.

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Darts Shaft O Rings

Rubber darts washers, also known as o rings are one of the most overlooked and underestimated darts accessories.

These tiny little fellows help to tighten the shaft against the barrel. This prevents loosening of the darts. A problem in the in the built of the darts can cause the darts to wobble, which can affect is flight and accuracy.

The Best Darts Shaft O Rings

There are many o ring options to choose from. However, I find this one to be the best value for the money.

There are a few different options to choose from in terms of how many o rings you can buy. However, if you still don’t have the o ring tool, you will need to get one as it makes life so much easier.

In almost all cases the opening of the shaft will be 3/16″, which is known as 2BA. However, in very rare situations, there are also 1/4″ shaft opening, which will require a different size o rings.

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Soft Tip Dart Points

Soft tp replacement points are a must-have accessory to any soft tip dart player. Soft tips break, this is a simple fact, and we just need to have some replacement tips nearby.

The Best Soft Tip Dart Points

These are one of the most popular and high-quality replacement tips that you can get for the money.

They are 2BA soft tip points and are incredibly durable and easy to use.

The length of each soft tip point is exactly 1-1/4″ including the thread. (Or exactly 1″ without the thread.)

The design is well-made, and it has a slight shock absorption aspect to it, which gives these darts extra durability.

This is an excellent combination of durability and value. Great buy.

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Darts Steel-Tip Point Converters

On what kind of a dartboard do you play? Is it a soft tip dartboard? In this case, you must be using a soft tip darts. But what do you do if you want to play, occasionally, on a steel tip dartboard?

Well, this is where steel tip converters come into place.

The Best Darts Steel Tip Point Converters

This very inexpensive set of three steel tip points are great for soft tip darts players that want to occasionally dabble in some steel tip darts.

They are standard steel tip points that fit 2BA soft tip darts.

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