Best 10 Dart Cases [Reviewed for 2022]

A dart case has to satisfy two functions. The first one is to protect the darts and to be easy to carry. The second one is to be presentable because it is likely to be carried around. Sometimes it is hard to satisfy both requirements, but many of the manufacturers are getting to be almost perfect at it.

As darting’s popularity grew over the years, so did the player’s appetite for different game styles, dart performance, and customized experience. The manufacturers were not idle, they provided the players with all kind of different tips, shafts, and flights. So the need emerged to transfer all of these accessories from one place to another intact and to have a place to safe keep them when not in use. Darts are getting to be more and more specialized for a specific use, and more expensive, so it is important to protect your, sometimes considerable, investment.

Best dart cases

In this article, we are going to take look at 10 of the most popular dart cases. They are all different in style, capacity, and materials, so we believe that you will find something that will suit your needs, whether you are a beginner with just one set or a serious darter with a collection.

Best Dart Cases Reviews

  1. Target Galaxy Silver Darts Case Aluminum by PerfectDarts

Target Galaxy Silver Darts Case Aluminium by PerfectDarts

The beautiful aluminum has hidden magnetic locks for tight closing, and a laser engraved logo. Inside the casing, there is a foam tray that will keep your darts safe and felt soft flight inserts. The case is generously equipped with extra space for accessories. It can hold one complete set of darts, 4 sets of flights, and 2 sets of shafts. The all have their place to be inserted, and no pockets. That makes them easier to take out, and more difficult to damage or bend.


  • Beautiful and durable high-end case


  • It may be too large to carry around in your pocket

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  1. PerfectDarts HARROWS ACE Silver Grey Darts CASE

PerfectDarts HARROWS ACE Silver Grey Darts CASE

This pocket-size dart case is made out of nylon and it is soft to the touch. But that doesn’t mean that your darts and especially sensitive flights are not yell sheltered. Inside the case, there is a foam tray which will hold the darts firmly. The case has a padded interior and enough room to keep the darts safe and not pressed against each other, and even has a pocket for additional flights and shafts. The case is narrower at one side, so it will slide into your pocket, and you can take it out easily. It has a zipper closing mechanism that goes all around the case, it opens wide and you will not damage your darts when getting them out or in.


  • Well designed
  • Small but can fit 3 darts and some accessories
  • It is not expensive


  • It may be too small if you want to bring some more accessories to the game.

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  1. Viper Casemaster Classic 12 Dart Nylon Storage/Travel Case

Viper Casemaster Classic 12 Dart Nylon Storage/Travel Case

This durable dart case is made from nylon which will keep moisture out of the very roomy interior.  It can hold four complete sets of darts, it has an additional 15 pockets for darting accessories, 5 storage tubes for accessories and foam cushioned inserts. It is not small, so you will have good use of the grip handle which is modeled after the top of the line brief-case styles, and the nylon straps which will provide excellent support during travel. The inner frame enables the case to maintain its shape and not to bend.  The overall quality is described by the users as very good, especially the rugged materials for the exterior, and good zippers that run smoothly. If you drop a full case on the floor, the contents will hold their place, and not get all mixed-up. The manufacturer offers a 90-day limited warranty, although most consumers agree that the materials and craftsmanship look like it is going to last for centuries. Product Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 3 inches.

The complaints that are mostly mentioned are about the foam that holds the shafts. It doesn’t hold slim shafts very well. Some additional tucking in may be required.


  • Attractive and very durable exterior
  • Plenty of room inside
  • It is not expensive


  • The dart holders are made for wider darts, so the slim ones may fall out sometimes.

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  1. Casemaster Ternion 9 Dart Aluminum Storage/Travel Case

Casemaster Ternion 9 Dart Aluminum Storage

This luxuriously embossed aluminum case is like a Swiss army knife because it offers 34 methods of storage. It is equipped with 9 dart slots, 6 pockets, 3 mini sleeves, 2 accessory tubes, and 1 large pocket. It holds three complete sets of darts, 6 pockets for extra flights and wrench; 3 mini-sleeves for extra shafts or soft-tips, 1 plastic container for extra tips or other accessories; 1 large accessory pocket. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find a place for your dog.  The hard aluminum case with buckle locking system will protect the equipment inside. The soft foam dart inserts will keep a tight grip on both slim and wide darts.  The dimensions of the case are 9 x 8 x 4 inches, and the weight is 1.3 pounds.  The manufacturer offers a 90-day limited warranty.

Users complain about the flight pockets not holding them tightly enough, and that it is sometimes hard to put in or pull out the wider darts from dart foam inserts.


  • Hi-end looking case
  • Affordable price
  • Good quality
  • Many pockets for accessories.


  • Flight pockets are too wide

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  1. Casemaster Legion 9 Dart Aluminum Storage/Travel Case

Casemaster Legion 9 Dart Aluminum Storage

This model looks a lot like his little brother, the Ternionmodel. The richly embossed aluminum case is similar, durable and with dual buckles securing system. The shape, however, is a little different. While the Ternion is square shaped, the Legion is more in the form of a rectangle, and it is larger. That enables it to offer more storage room. Like his little brother, it also can hold 3 complete sets of darts, but it has 12 pockets for extra flights and wrench, 10 mini sleeves for extra shafts or soft/tips, two plastic containers, and one large accessory pocket. Interior materials are carefully chosen to withstand years of use. The dart inserts keep a firm and tight grip on each dart. This will prevent darts from becoming loose during travel. Pockets are designed to hold items firmly, keeping them in place. The manufacturer offers a 90-day limited warranty.Dimensions are 11 x 8 x 4 inches.

What customers complain about is that the pockets for storing flights and those for storing extra shafts are all sewn too tight. Also, this is a very popular model, so you might want to place some stickers in order to distinguish it from the rest.


  • Very nice design and quality
  • Plenty of room for darts and accessories
  • Reasonable price


  • Flights pockets are sawn high, so if you have thicker fingers, you may have trouble pulling them out.

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  1. Casemaster Elite Jr. 6 Dart Nylon Storage/Travel Case, Black

Casemaster Elite Jr. 6 Dart Nylon Storage

The outside of this dart case is made out of durable, scratch resistant nylon that will keep the moisture out and away from the precious darts. Underneath the nylon, there is a hard resin shell that will protect the darts and accessories. The darts will be tightly secured into place thanks to the foam lining and dart slots. The case holds two complete sets of darts. The accessories also have designated space, 6 pockets and 2 storage tubes are quite sufficient. The dimensions are 7.2 x 4.5 x 3 inches, weight is 12 ounces. The manufacturer provides 90-day limited warranty

Customers have observed that the middle piece with the accessories pockets doesn’t hold the contents in when the case is not full of darts. It relies on the pressure of the darts to keep the contents in.


  • Good quality
  • A lot of storage space, considering the size


  • The middle pocket doesn’t hold the flights if the case is not filled with darts.

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  1. Casemaster Pro 9 Dart Leatherette Storage/Travel Case, Black

Casemaster Pro 9 Dart Leatherette Storage

Black leatherette exterior is one of the nice features of this case. It has a hard frame and casing beneath, that protects the darts. The bag zippers open on three sides, like a book for easy access, and the dual snap-rings allow you to use the Pro dart case just like a briefcase.  The darts will be nicely and firmly gripped by the foam inserts, and there is plenty of space for accessories. Designed with serious darters in mind, it holds 3 complete sets of darts and has 15 pockets and 4 storage tubes for darting accessories. The grip handle is modeled after brief-case, and the nylon straps provide excellent backing during travel.The dimensions of the case are 10 x 7 x 2 inches, and the weight is 1.35 pounds. The manufacturer provides a 90-day limited warranty.

Consumers state as a problem the fact that the foam insides sometimes are not glued well, so they come off. But it is an easy fix.


  • Nice looking
  • Not expensive
  • Holds 3 sets of darts and has plenty of room for accessories.


  • If you are not careful, the foam insides tend to glue off sometimes.

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  1. Fit Flight Case Fit Container Dart Case for Fit Flights Fit Shafts Soft Tip Points and Dart Set

Fit Flight Case Fit Container Dart Case for Fit Flights Fit Shafts Soft Tip Points and Dart Set

This is the 3rd generation of this model, which has already proved itself as the best yet for a combination of quality and price.  Inside the good looking leatherette casing there is a plastic container that will protect darts from bending or other damage. The container can hold three complete darts, and in the case, there is enough space for 8 more tips or shafts and a player card.  The manufacturer states that this model is Ideal for anyone using a molded dart flight set up like Fit Flight, L-Style and Harrows Click to name a few.The case is equipped with a carabiner clip so you can hang the case at your side.The manufacturer provided a money back guarantee. The dimensions are H170×W90×D50 [mm], and the weight is 4 ounces.

One thing that users are complaining about is the fact that the thicker darts have trouble getting in the plastic casing.


  • Nice design
  • Market-tested and approved model


  • The price is somewhat high for the size

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  1. Casemaster Accolade 3 Dart Aluminum Storage/Travel Case

Casemaster Accolade 3 Dart Aluminum Storage

Nicely designed and premium looking aluminum case will hold and protect one complete set of darts while offering extra space for 3 mini sleeves for extra shafts and 3 pockets for extra flights and a wrench. It has a central buckle locking system. The buckle opens just like on a briefcase and it is heavy duty, so it will keep the case closed tightly. The exterior is not the only thing that is durable, interior threads are interlaced to withstand years of use and abuse. The dimensions are 8 x 4 x 4 inches, and the shipping weight is4 ounces. The manufacturer is offering a 90-day limited warranty.

The users did not like the fact that the case is, although ideal for dart with slim flights, not so generous for standard ones. When they are larger than average, the flights sometimes need to be taken of the darts in order to fit nicely


  • Premium look
  • Durability
  • Affordable price.


  • Darts with slim flights are more appropriate for this case

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  1. Casemaster Elite 9 Dart Nylon Storage/Travel Case, Black

Casemaster Elite 9 Dart Nylon Storage

This case is a very elegant and safe way to store your collection. Beneath the nice and sturdy nylon skin is the hard case construction which prevents damage and bending of the Elite’s external walls and prevents damage to your darts. The nylon sassing will also keep the moisture out. Besides holding three complete sets of darts, the Casemaster Elite Dart Case provides 9 dart slots, 7 pockets, and 4 accessory tubes for dart tips and shafts. It is designed with serious darters in mind, the case opens up completely, like a book, so that you can view and access the contents easily. In addition to the zipper closing mechanism, thereare double snap-rings. The rings are heavy duty and keep the grip shut firmly.   The dimensions are 11 x 9 x 3 inches, and the weight is 1.5 pounds. The manufacturer offers a 90-day limited warranty.

What might present an inconvenience is a fact that the case is ideal for shorter darts. If your darts are much longer than average, you might have to take off the flights when packing.


  • Good quality
  • Plenty of space


  • If the darts are much longer than average, removing the flights might be necessary before packing.

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Types of dart cases

Dart cases can be divided by many criteria. We have chosen two that seem the most important- materials and purpose.

Type of Dart Cases by Materials

Mostly used are aluminum, plastic, nylon, leather, and wood

Aluminum dart cases

Aluminum is great to look at, and the hard casing will protect the darts. But it is not flexible, so it is likely to dent if it gets hit or pressed with something. The darts will remain intact because the aluminum will take the punishment.

Plastic dart cases

Plastic cases are lightweight and affordable. When it comes to dart and accessories protection, they will get the job done. Depending on the type and quality of plastic it can be prone to bending or scratching.

Nylon dart cases

Nylon is the most commonly used. It is durable, scratch resistant, and waterproof. It is flexible, so it will go back to the previous shape if it gets pressed or similar. Underneath the nylon skin, there is always a hard casing that protects the darts.

Leather dart cases

Leather is a luxurious and stylish way to transport and protect the darts. It will not dent, but it can be sensitive to scratching. It is long lasting, but also expensive.

Wood dart cases

Wood is the rarest and most luxurious material for dart cases. It is hard and long lasting, but also bulky and heavy.  It will not dent, but it can get scratched, and it needs caring and protecting from the environment (painting, varnishing, etc.)


Types of Dart Cases by Purpose

They can be designed to carry steel tip darts or soft tip darts.

Steel tip dart cases:  They need to be more flexible regarding the size of the darts that can carry. The steel tip darts very much. In shape, size, and weight. The dart case must be able to accommodate those variations.

Soft tip dart cases:  The main attribute is soft. That means that they will break a lot, so you will need extra tips every time that youplay. The dart case must provide enough space to store all those extra tips.


As we said at the beginning of the article, these dart cases are all different, designed to suit different needs. But you can be sure that, when you finally find the perfect combination of tips, shafts, and flights, they will enable you to carry it in one piece and protect it until you use it next time. That is important.

One more thing is important- Have fun playing!

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