Top 9 Best Dart Flights for 2020 [Guide & Reviews]

The chain is only strong as its weakest link. The same thing can be said about darts. They are only good as is their weakest part. One of the parts commonly neglected is the flights. It may be due to the fact that they are the cheapest part of the dart. But, they have enormous influence on the way the dart flies and handles. Quite often a dart is accused to be bad, when in fact, the unsuitable flights are to be blamed. With another set of flights, the dart is completely different.

So before throwing away your old set of darts, read this. Maybe a change in the darts type will suffice.

If you are a beginner, and just entering the world of darts, you will benefit the most.

We will compare 10 of the bestselling flights, and try to explain what a good choice of the flights can mean for your results.  Then we will guide you through the most important things you should consider before buying new flights.

Best Dart Flights

Harrows Carbon Dart Flights Standard Shape

Harrows Carbon Flights Standard Shape

The name can be a bit misleading since they are not made of carbon, but plastic.

These standard darts are 100 microns thick, and you get 15 flights in the set, in five different designs.

Players describe them as thick and sturdy, and that they fit nicely into the shafts. What is also important to them is the fact that these flights have a great impact on darts stability and precision.

What is reported as a problem is that fact that they tend to break? Another issue that they are not very bendable, so when a dart is in the board, and another hits it – the flights will nor flex, resulting in the other dart not reaching the board.


  • Sturdy,
  • Fit nicely into the shafts.


  • They tend to break
  • Not flexible

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Harrows Retina Dart Flights Standard

Harrows Retina Flights Standard

God quality standard flights, as described by the users.

They hold the direction well, and quite durable.

One of the interesting features is the design, you can choose from several color patterns.

The all have a middle slightly- glossy line, which many people use as a guide, to help with their aiming.

They can follow the flight more easily, and when one dart is on the board, they can use it as a reference point.


  • Good quality
  • Nice design that helps with the aim


  • Sturdiness means that they are not flexible
  • May bother some users.

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Cosmo Darts Flight – Slim Dart Flight

Cosmo Flight - Slim Dart Flight

These Japanese made slim flights come with an innovative way of fixing them to the shafts.

Many players report that the flights do not fall off and that they don’t spend time as before in the corner trying to place the thin flights into the shafts clips. 

Combined with great quality and performance, no wonder that they have very good reviews.

The downside to this is that you will need a special shaft to accommodate these flights.  They will not work with standard clipping shafts.


  • Durable
  • Good Quality
  • An innovative way of attaching to the shafts


  • They cannot be attached to standard shafts, you will need to purchase special ones

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CUESOUL Integrated Dart Shaft and Flights Medium

CUESOUL Integrated Dart Shaft and Flights L-Dart Shaft Length 21mm

These standard flights are integrated with the shafts and are made of a material that is described as between hard and soft.

That makes the shaft and flights flexible and prevents the flights being ripped out by the darts that are already in the board. 

The precise molding assures that the flights maintain the 90 degrees angle.

There are several interesting designs to choose from.

Problems may occur when users forget that they, although more durable than standard shaft-flights setup, are not indestructible.


  • Integrated flights and shaft
  • They will not fall off during the game


  • The price

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Pentathlon Pear RED Dart Flights

Pentathlon Pear RED Dart Flights

These pear-shaped darts come in 3 sets, 9 total.

They are 100 microns thick, and the manufacturer claims that they are longer lasting and give better in-flight stability than either regular poly or Dimplex flights.

Standard flights hold more air while in-flight.

This increased stability and a truer flight towards the board. Used mainly by steel tip players.


  • Thick
  • Durable


  • The price

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Cosmo Darts Fit Flight – Pear Dart Flight

Cosmo Darts Fit Flight - Pear Dart Flight

Pear-shaped standard flights which are equipped with interesting, and highly praised by many, system for attaching to the shafts. 

The push-in -the system is easier and faster to do than inserting the thin flights into the shafts clips on the regular darts.

Good quality and great performance are what most users like about them.

The definitive drawback is that they cannot be used with standard shafts, you will need to buy matching.


  • Push-in attaching to the flights

Cons :

  • Not compatible with standard shafts

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Harrows Pear Shaped Graflite Dart Flight

Harrows V-Wing Shape Graflite Dart Flight

Uniquely shaped, these pear shaped flights are designed in the laboratory.

Their shape increases airflow over the center section whilst creating added lift from the outer wings.

This aerodynamic concept is ideal for steel and soft tip players alike.

It enables fast and stable flight and tighter grouping on the board.


  • Unique design


  • The price

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Cosmo Darts Fit Flight – Standard Dart Flight

Cosmo Darts Fit Flight - Standard Dart Flight

Push- in-system for attaching to the shafts is one of the most recognizable features of these flights. 

They will not come off the shafts often, and you will not spend much time re-attaching them. 

Most players report that they are satisfied, both with the quality and with the performance.

The downside is that they need special shafts in order to be attached.


  • Push-in system of attaching


  • They need special shafts, not compatible with standard ones
  • You will have to spend some additional money on new shafts

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Niubixx Standard Dart Flights 

Nuibix large pack

These darts come in packaging of 90 pieces, in 30 different designs. 

You won’t have to worry about broken flights for a long, long time.

Great for beginners.

They are compatible with nylon and aluminum shafts and are made from thick and durable polyester material.

The manufacturer offers 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. You can return them for a full refund.


  • A mega pack of 90 pieces for a bargain price


  • A little bit lower quality

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Flights Buying Guide

The most important characteristic of the flights is their shape, thickens and texture. They are mostly responsible for the way the dart will fly.

 The Shape

Two types are most commonly used: standard and slim.

Standard flights

Standart shape flights

Largest and most frequently used, because large flights are forgiving, and stabilizing the flight.

Mostly intended for use with steel tips darts, they are especially suited for people who like to throw with a little arch. You will also benefit from them if your darts are heavy, or have longer shafts.

If your darts are constantly hitting the board at the large angle, with flights angled to the floor, you will need to put large standard flights.

The additional drag will lift the tail, correcting the angle. And if you have longer shafts, the larger standard flights will help stabilize it.

Slim flights

Slim dart flights

They are the best choice for soft tip darts, because that type of darts is lighter, and requiring a stronger throw in order to stick to the board. They have less drag than the standard flights.

So, If you do not throw with a “lob”, but in a straight line, and use lighter darts or short shafts, they are the way to go. Also, if your darts hit the board with the tail up, you will want to change your flights to slim. Reduced drag will keep the tail down. Another benefit is that slim flights will enable tighter grouping.

Besides those, most common, shapes, there are several others:

Kite Shape

The kite-shaped flight enables maximum control and tight groupings

Pear dart flight

The unique teardrop shape provides minimum drag because of the small area, enable tighter grouping and less likely to get damaged by another dart.

Lantern Dart Flight

The shape of the lantern flight keeps the tail of the dart down and provides stability.

No.6 Shape Dart Flight

Small standard flights are favorite for most darts players. They provide plenty of lift and stability to the dart when it is in flight. Small standard flights suit beginner players as they are more forgiving than other flight shapes.

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Made for speed. Great for soft tips. They have minimum drag.

It is possible that all this can be confusing for you, especially if you are a beginner. In short:

Larger flights work better on:

  • Softer throws or “lobs”. When a dart goes at an upward angle, and then naturally falls towards the board.
  • Heavier darts
  • Longer shafts
  • Steel tip darts

Smaller flights are better for:

  • Harder or straighter throws
  • Lighter darts
  • Shorter shafts
  • Soft tip darts

The Thickness

75 Micron–economy solution. Light, fast, but easily damaged

100 Micron – Most common and durable than the 75 microns.A good compromise between strength and weight.

150 Micron–- stronger material means flights are more likely to stay at the desired90 degrees angle. They will be more stable in flight and suffer less damage with tight groupings.

Plastic Molded–most durability and strength, long-lasting. Stay at 90 degrees and are better secured to the shaft.

The Texture

You can choose between two options: smooth and textured. Smooth flights will have lesser drag, because the air will flow more naturally over them, and will help to keep the tail down.

The textured flights will have more drag, keeping the tail up. Switch between the two will only adjust a little bit the performance of the darts, not change it by much. So, it is only for fine-tuning. Now if you have decided which one to buy, maybe you will benefit from some advice.

Before a throw always check the flights and correct them to an angle of 90 degrees. Flights are lightweight and easily damaged when they are on the board, and another flying dart hits them. Flight protectors will prevent the flights from splitting when playing.

It often happens that the flights fall off the shaft when a dart hits another one on the board. Rings will help secure the flights in place.

Bottom line

All this information can be a little surprising. You probably didn’t expect that so much knowledge is needed to play a simple game.  You want to throw darts, not read. Don’t worry. When you start playing, you will quickly find out which flights work best for you, and how to combine them with the tips, shafts, and the barrels.  And when you find that ideal combination, you will know.

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