11 Ingenious Things You Can Do With An Old Dart Board

No matter how good a dartboard is, sooner or later, it comes the time for it to go. Dartboards usually last between 2 to 4 years. And even more in some instances. It all depends on how you look after and maintain your dartboard.

So what should you do when your dartboard is too old and needs replacement?

What to do with old dart boards? The best thing you can do with an old dartboard is to either repurpose it. Depending on the condition of the old dartboard, you can also give it away to a friend or a family member as a way to introduce them to darts, sell it, or recycle it.

There are certainly more ways in which your old trusty dartboard can continue to serve you even when it is not suitable for regular darts games. Continue reading below. I share with you more interesting tips and ideas.

old bristle dartboard

Make a Darts Table

One of the most popular ways to repurpose an old dartboard is to make it into a side table (for your new dartboard). It will make for a very unique piece of furniture in your home or man cave that will definitely act as a good conversation starter.

However, a few things have to be taken into account. 

Dartboards should be kept away from moisture and water. This means that you cannot place anything that is wet or may sweat on it. (Like a cold beer bottle or hot food, for example.) This will introduce moisture into the dartboard, and it will bulge, deform, and it is the fastest way to ruin a dartboard.

This is why the dartboard should undergo some preparatory steps in order to protect the sisal fibers from water damage before using the old dartboard as a table.

You can protect the dartboard from water by using different methods like:

  • Covering the dartboard with glass or a piece of Plexiglas.
  • Pouring a thick layer(s) of epoxy resin.

That way, you will seal the fibers and prevent any moisture from entering the dartboard and destroying it. However, before sealing the dartboard in any way, you should make sure that there is no moisture or water in it already. (You may need to leave it to air dry for a day or so just in case.)

Use It as a Darts Holder

One of the problems darts players has a lot to do with storing their darts. It may seem trivial, but you know that it is not. 

You can use the whole dartboard as a darts holder. This is especially cool if you have many dart sets—twenty darts sets for twenty sections. And you can fit another one in the bullseye, too.

The bristle fibers, no matter how worn out they may be, will be able to hold your darts. You can hang the dartboard somewhere near your new dartboard or place it on a sideboard.

Of course, you don’t have to use the whole dartboard. Instead, you can have certain sections of it cut out and used individually.

Give It Away to a Friend

Most of us change our dartboards way before they become completely useless. There really is no need for your old dartboard, which may still have a lot of life in it, to go to the landfill or be repurposed.

One of the best things you can do with your old dartboard, granted it is in playable condition, is to give it away to a friend or even to somebody who has never played darts before. This way, you can introduce or reintroduce somebody to playing darts.

Dartboards do not cost a lot, but not everyone will be willing to buy a good high-quality dartboard. So, in reality, this could be their first real high-quality dartboard, albeit a little worn out. A small gift like this can help somebody start playing darts. And who knows, maybe one day you will meet them at your local league.

Before doing anything with your old dartboard, consider some of your friends or acquaintances. Some of them may even play darts but may not have a dartboard in their home. (In fact, you can do something similar with your old darts, too.)

Sell It

Well, maybe your old dartboard is still in a fairly decent condition. And even if it is not, it may still have some good nostalgic value if it is a really old one. And maybe you do not have anyone close to you that wants a dartboard.

So why not sell it? It may not earn you a lot of money, but that is not the main goal here. After all, it will find a new home.

Use It as a Tray

Following the same techniques and advice from above, you can repurpose your dartboard as a tray where you keep drinks or other things. Of course, depending on how you use it, you may have to address the issue with potential moisture and water damage.

Make a Darts Stool

If you can make a darts table, then you can also use the same techniques and methods to make a darts stool. You will still have to cover the dartboard with a coat of epoxy resin or other material to lock and protect the fibers. Besides, you will need something to cover the wiring anyways.

Use It as a Decorative Piece

A dartboard can be used as a decorative piece, even if nobody will play on it. Nothing prevents it from being used the same way a picture or a poster is used.

Use It as a Coat Rack

Is there a more obvious way to repurpose a dartboard? All you have to do is grab a few inexpensive darts or wooden knobs or hooks and attach them securely to the dartboard. You may need to use a little glue or a few screws to make sure they are attached securely, though. Other than that, there is not much that can be said—it can be a great, and very thematic, addition to a game room or a man cave.

Make a Darts Clock

All you need is some clock parts and a dartboard, and you are good to go. You will need some tools in order to remove the bullseye and insert the clock movement piece from the back, but it is nonetheless a neat idea.

Ideally, you want a dartboard with removable numbers ring so that you can later mark the hour dial.

Continue Using It as a Practice Dartboard

If the dartboard is in somewhat decent condition, it can still be used just for fun. Depending on the condition, it may be useful for practicing soft tip darts, too.

For example, even Peter Wright has commented on how he used a small wedge of a dartboard (when the PDC was in Shanghai) with just a few sections that he used to practice. So, you don’t even need the whole dartboard to put in some good practice. You can check this, and more interesting darts tips here.

If you have an old, but still in playable condition, dartboard, you can keep it in the back of your car or truck and use it whenever you go out to play darts. You will be surprised how poor the condition of bar dartboards can be in some instances, so why not use yours?

Also, you can use it to play darts outside with your buddies, since you will be worrying a little less about moisture and water damage since this is not your main dartboard.

Recycle It

This should be the worst-case scenario. You should only resort to throwing out your dartboard if there is nothing else you can do with your old dartboard. It is always a shame when an old dartboard has to go in the bin, but it something that needs to be done sooner or later.

Dartboards are made from sisal fibers, steel wiring, and wood. There will be a certain amount of glue and food-grade ink. Thus they re fully recyclable, and you should not encounter any problems in throwing away your old dartboard.

However, if you are not certain, ask the recycling guys if it is okay to throw out your dartboard and if there are any extra steps you need to take.

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