How to Play Blind Killer Darts [Rules, Tips, Tricks]

Blind killer darts is an extremely fun darts game that you can play with two or more people.

If you already know how to play killer darts, then you know almost everything you need to know about blind killer darts as well, there is just one little twist to it.

How to play blind killer darts? To play blind killer darts, each player is secretly assigned a number on the dartboard. When a player hits the double of a number assigned to a player, that player loses one life. The game of blind killer darts continues until only one player is left standing.

If so far this sounds like a game you may be interested in playing, continue reading below. I share with you more helpful information along with some nifty tips and tricks.


Rules of Blind Killer Darts

Each player is awarded a random number from 1 to 20. This can be done in various ways. The easiest way is to write down the numbers from 1 to 20 on a separate piece of paper each and then without looking players pick one.

The number on the piece of paper they have chosen represents their number of the dartboard.

Each player has three lives. And a player is eliminated by losing all of their three lives. A life is lost when somebody hits the double on their number.

Usually, all players are awarded the killer status immediately from the very beginning.

If players want to play it like the standard killer darts where a player needs to hit their number’s double in order to be assigned as a killer, this will reveal their number to other players, essentially defeating the whole purpose of blind killer darts (then it would be regular killer darts). However, there is an alternative way to go about this; for more information, make sure to check the end of the article where I explain some common variations to blind killer darts.

Keep in mind that you will eliminate one of your lives if you land a dart in double your number. 

The game continues until all, but one player has been eliminated.

Who Goes First in a Game of Blind Killer Darts?

There are no rules as to who goes first. 

Players can decide in what order they will throw according to their own preferences. 

Alternatively, each player can throw one dart at the bull. The player that is the closest to the bullseye throws first and the player that has scored the farthest from the bull last.

However, after the first game ends, the order is usually determined by order of elimination. The first player that was eliminated goes first, the second player that was eliminated goes second, and so on, with the winner throwing last.

How Long Is a Game of Blind Killer Darts?

A game of blind killer darts can last anywhere between a few minutes and up to 30+ minutes. The time will depend on the number of players, their skill, and consistency. In general, a game of blind killer darts should not last more than 20 minutes.

What Is the Throwing Distance When Playing Blind Killer Darts?

A game of blind killer darts is played by using a dartboard hanged according to the standard throwing measurements, which are as follows:

  • For a steel tip dartboard: 7′ 9 1/4″
  • For a soft tip dartboard: 8′

Can a Game of Blind Killer Darts End in a Tie?

A game of blind killer darts cannot end in a tie unless the players decide they do not finish the game and they just so happen to have the same amount of lives left.

How to Keep the Score in a Game of Blind Killer Darts?

Since this is called blind killer darts, neither the names of the players nor their lives are written down on the scoreboard.

If the lives were marked after removing one of the tally lines signifying their lives, a player would immediately allow other players to know which is their number. (And, don’t forget, the whole idea of this game is to keep things in secrecy.)

Thus players are keeping to their own how many lives they have left.

What Do You Need to Play Blind Killer Darts?

The game of blind killer darts is very easy and does not require any special equipment or accessories.

You need at least three darts, two players, a dartboard, and means of keeping the score.

On What Kind of Dartboard Can You Play Blind Killer Darts?

You can play blind killer darts on any of the standard dartboards that have the numbers 1 through 20 and the bulls area.

The different types of dartboard play a little differently and are played from a different distance. They also take different kinds of darts.

If you will be joining a local league, it is recommended to use a comparable dartboard so that you can play and practice on the right type of dartboard that you will be playing in the league.

Strategy Principles of Blind Killer Darts

The first thing you want to look for is the player’s behavior. Not all people are good at maintaining a poker face after losing one or several of their lives, so make sure to look for any signs, facial and body movements.

One of the things to keep in mind is that a player will never go for their number. Keep an eye if players are deliberately avoiding a certain number.

On the other hand, there is one strategy that I like, which I call half-jokingly “sudden death mode”. This is usually achievable when you are playing with three or more people.

Here’s how it works. I usually pay attention to what doubles have been hit before me, and I focus on them as well. This can cause other players to do the same, which leads to a really fast elimination type of game. (Imagine two or more players focusing on the same numbers at the same time.)

In a way, this can make the game a lot more exciting as all of a sudden stakes are pretty high, and you can very quickly see when you have reached the number of a certain player.

For What Dart Players Is Blind Killer Darts Best For?

Blind killer darts is a great darts game that should be played between players that can trust each other. This is definitely not a good game to be played by strangers in the bar.

This is a game of trust as you have to be sure that once a player loses their three lives, they will step down and not pretend as nothing has happened.

Other than that, this darts game is excellent for practicing doubles and can be very helpful for people that are struggling to double-out while playing ’01 games.

Overall it can be played by darts players of all skill levels.

If you are interested in discovering some of the best easiest dart games, make sure to go through my article on Easy dart games.

If there is a significant experience and skill gap between players, certain handicaps can be introduced. For more information, continue reading below.

Variations of Blind Killer Darts

There are various ways you can spice up the game or introduce different handicaps to better players.

  • You can have it, so better players need to hit the treble areas instead.
  • You can require a player to hit the double bull in order to become killer (this usually will not give away the number of the player)
  • Instead of the double newer and more inexperienced player can try to hit the single area (either the inner or the outer single area)
  • You can increase the number of lives certain players have.
  • You can make all wedges on the dartboard (the single, the double and the triple) to be playable. And each one removes the corresponding to them number of lives: a single removes one life, a double two and a treble three.

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