Winmau Blade 5 vs Blade 5 Dual Core [Which One to Pick]

The Winmau Blade 5 generation dartboards are easily one of the best dartboards that we can put our hands on today. In fact, I have always wondered why they don’t use them in tournaments. But that is a different topic for a different time.

Recently I was asked: Which one is better the Winmau Blade 5 or the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core? And which one is worth buying?

But that is not all there is to it. There is also a third one, the Winmau Blade 5 Champions Choice and even a fourth one. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I will talk a good bit about them too.

However, the majority of darts players will be split between the original Blade 5 and the Blade 5 Dual Core. So let’s start with them.

A Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Dartboard

Winmau Blade 5 vs Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core—What Is the Same?

The Winmau Blade 5 and Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core share a lot of similar features.

Brand and ModelTypeSizeSelf HealingRota LockWiringStaple Free WiringRotatable Numbers RingDual CoreMore Info
Winmau Blade 5Bristle17.72″YesYesBlade 5YesYesNoCheck Current Price on Amazon
Winmau Blade 5 Dual CoreBristle17.72″YesYesBlade 5YesYesYesCheck Current Price on Amazon

The Wiring

Let’s start with the Blade wiring—after all, the dartboard’s middle name is Blade.

Jokes aside, the blade wiring is one of the thinnest and most well-designed wiring systems we can find on a dartboard today.

Long gone are the days of the round spiders and the thick staples in the trebles.

The blade wiring is shaped and designed in a way that deflects darts into the dartboard. The degree of the wiring has been lowered down to 60 degrees, making it a lot sharper than before.

The Blade wiring found on both dartboards is very thin—about 10% to 20% thinner compared to the previous generation—the Blade 4.

What this means for us as darts players is that there is a larger playable surface and fewer bounce-outs.

The wiring takes 14% space, and as a result, the dartboard has doubles with 9 mm² extra playable area and trebles with 6 mm² scoring area.

What is more, is that the wring is 20% more durable so it can withstand pretty well the occasional hit from a dart thanks to the carbon diffusion technology. (Carbon diffusion is basically a process that makes steel a lot harder by increasing the carbon content it has.)

Even if the dart hits the wiring, the dart will not be able to easily dig into the wiring and warp it from the impact.

The Staples

The staples or the lack of thereof.

Yes. Both dartboards are staple-free. The Winmau Blade 5 and the Blade 5 Dual Core are entirely staple-free.

This means both dartboards have a staple-free bullseye and no annoying staples in the most critical areas like the trebles and the doubles.

The Rota-Lock

Something I personally enjoy—and something that has always bothered me with other dartboards ever since I got introduced to this lock system—is the rota-lock system.

The rota-lock is basically a three-wheel lock that replaces the three spring clips, which are usually mounted on the back of a dartboard.

Well, with these three wheels, you have a lot more freedom because they can be individually adjusted to fit any surface and provide zero movement and perfect stability and balance—whereas, with the spring clips, things may not always be as smooth.

The Size

The size of both the Winmau Blade 5 and the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core is the same—no surprises here. It is 17.72″ in diameter and 1.5″ thick (or 450 mm by 38 mm).

The Sisal Fibers

All the Blade 5 Generation dartboards are made from high-quality uniform density sisal fibers.

The surface provides perfect visibility.

While we are on the subject of sisal fibers, it is worth noting that the technology has improved so much that these dartboards do not even have cracks, when many other dartboards do have cracks.

The Number Ring

The number ring is the same across all Gen 5 Blade dartboards. 

Not much can be said about it—it is easily visible and, most importantly, easy to rotate.

The Labels

The best way to distinguish the Winmau Blade 5 from the Blade 5 Dual Core is by looking for the two labels that the Dual Core will have where the 16 and the 15 are.

The standard Blade 5 will not have any special marking on it, whereas the two labels on the Dual Core will clearly state that it is, in fact, a Dual Core model.

What Is the Difference Between Blade 5 and Blade 5 Dual Core?

The Winmau Blade 5 is easily one of the best dartboards on the market as of today.

As you now know, it rocks pretty much the same features as the standard Blade 5. So what makes it so unique? And is the extra price really worth it and well justified?

The Dual Core

So what exactly is a dual core dartboard? A dual core dartboard is made from two cores or layers of sisal fibers. The reason why a dartboard is made with two cores is to get the best of both worlds—better durability and improved playability.

  • The first layer—the outer layer—has lower compression. The lower compression allows darts to easily penetrate the dartboard, resulting in fewer bounce-outs.
  • The second layer—the inner layer—has higher compression. This denser layer is better at absorbing and withstanding the impact of each dart and gives the dartboard better longevity and durability.

This is the main feature that makes the Blade 5 Dual Core unique—it is something that you can find only on this dartboard.

The softer first layer is also making the Blade 5 Dual Core dartboard a little quieter compared to the Blade 5.

The Price

The price is going to vary, but on average, you can expect the Blade 5 Dual Core to be slightly more expensive than the standard Blade 5. However, during some discounts, I have seen the Blade 5 Dual Core sell for less than the standard Blade 5, which, in my opinion, was awesome!

Overall, both dartboards retail price is more than affordable, and for this quality, it is a steal.

You can check both dartboards on Amazon here: Winmau Blade 5 and Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core:

Winmau Blade 5 Champions Choice Dual Core

So what is the deal with the Winmau Blade 5 Champions Choice? Not a lot of people seem to talk about it as they focus mainly on the Blade 5 and the Blade 5 Dual Core.

The Champions Choice is not much different.

  • It has the same Blade 5 wiring system.
  • The same dimensions.
  • The same high-quality sisal fibers.
  • The Rota-lock is also present.
  • And it has the two layers of the Blade 5 dual core.

“Okay, Mike, I get it.” you might say, “So what is the difference?”

The coloring is slightly different, for starters. But the most significant change is in the scoring areas. Mainly the doubles, the trebles, and the bull—they are half the size of the Blade 5 and the Blade 5 Dual Core.

This dartboard is meant as a training or practice board for the most hard-core darts players that really want to up their game and push themselves to the limit.

Winmau Blade 5 Green Zone Dual Core

The Blade 5 Green Zone Dual Core Dartboard by Winmau is essentially a Blade 5 Dual Core dartboard that has a special green section in the middle where the bull is.

The green zone is designed to be used as a handicap. It levels the field so to speak between new and inexperienced players and experienced darts players. This handicap has been developed in accordance with the Junior Darts Corporation

Which One Is Worth Buying?

Winmau Blade 5 and Blade 5 Dual Core

And as it is with everything in life, the answer is it depends.

There are different things that you need to consider before buying a dartboard.

If you already have a Winmau Blade 5 dartboard, upgrading to the Blade 5 Dual Core may not be necessary unless you are replacing your old dartboard anyways.

If you have the Winmau Blade 4 Dual Core, it is worth switching only to the Blade 5 Dual Core. But if you have the original Blade 4 (and it has been worn out), it is worth going for any of the Blade 5 generation dartboards in general.

If you have The Blade 5 and the Blade 5 Dual Core side by side and compare them over a longer period of time, you will find that the Blade 5 will start getting a little softer whereas the Dual Core may hold its own a little better.

Conversely, that does not mean that the sisal fibers on the Blade 5 Dual Core are extremely hard. The Dual Core is a little softer compared to other dartboards so much so that you may also be comfortable playing with soft tip darts on it.

However, some darts players have reported their Blade 5 Dual Core wearing out faster, so your mileage may vary. (After all, we are talking about natural sisal fibers here.)

For the occasional darts players and for general home practice the Blade 5 may be more than sufficient. And the extra cash can be added towards getting a nice set of steel tip darts.

If you just have a little extra cash lying around that you are looking to spend or you find the Blade 5 Dual Core on a sale, it may be well worth your while getting it.

Can’t go wrong either way.

The Blade 5 and the Blade 5 Dual Core are both excellent dartboards for occasional players and even for pro players that need a reliable dartboard, which they can use when practicing for longer hours.

Those thick, satisfying thuds that these dartboards produce will keep you glued to it playing. Just make sure to rotate it frequently—at least once a week and if you play more often 2-3 times a week may be more than enough—and the dartboard will stay good for years.

Now the only thing we can do is keep playing while waiting for the Winmau Blade 6 to come out. Hopefully, it will have a lot of pleasant surprises in store for us.

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