Best Dart Board Under $100 for 2022 (In-Depth Review)

So you are searching for the best dartboards under $100? Well, let me start with a few things that you need to know first.

There are a few reasons why darts is so great, one of which is that you do not need a lot of money to start playing darts. More importantly, you do not need a lot of money to get some of the best and highest quality dartboards—the same ones that even the pros use.

A $100 is more than enough to treat yourself with an excellent dartboard that will provide you with lots of fun.

Below you will find a detailed list of the best dartboards you can get yourself for about $100 or so.

There is only one caveat here, though. Most of them will be standard steel tip dartboards. But I have found a few electronic dartboards as well. Electronic dartboards, especially if you want to get a good high-quality one, cost a lot more in some instances as much as $300 or $400.

So while we will be looking through some of the best quality bristle dartboards, we will be having a few fairly good electronic dartboards as well, just for the sake of the completeness of this article.

Steel Tip Dartboard

The Best Dart Board Under $100

Here are the best dartboards under $100 at a glance:

Brand and ModelTypeSizeMore Information
Winmau Blade 5 DartboardBristle17.75Check Current Price on Amazon
Winmau Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle DartboardBristle17.75″Check Current Price on Amazon
Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle DartboardBristle18″Check Current Price on Amazon
WIN.MAX Bristle DartboardBristle18″Check Current Price on Amazon
IgnatGames Professional Dart BoardBristle18″Check Current Price on Amazon

Winmau Blade 5 Dartboard

winmau dartboard

The Blade 5 is hands down one of the best dartboards that anyone can get for their money.

Winmau definitely outdid themselves here, bringing us a high-quality dartboard at a very reasonable price.

The standard Winmau Blade 5 dartboard does not come with a Dual Core.

However, it still plays superbly. The bristle fibers are of very high quality and densely packed, so you will not have to worry about any bounce outs.

The wiring is kept super-thin—increasing the scoring areas in all sectors, including the double and triple sectors. If you are trying to improve and work on your grouping, this dartboard will not leave you disappointed.

In addition to that, what you will find out is that the wiring is not just thinner but also with a sharper angle, which will deflect your darts into the dartboard—in other words, you will experience fewer bounce outs from hitting the wiring.

And even if you happen to hit the wiring—it is made from 20% more durable steel, which means more longevity and less warping of the wiring.

As I mentioned, it does not have a Dual Core, but nonetheless, it has excellent self-healing capabilities, and as long as you make sure to rotate it and give the different sections time to heal, it will last a really long time.

Instead of simple metal brackets, you will find three-wheel locks. They make adjusting and leveling the dartboard as easy as it can get.

Overall, one outstanding dartboard that deserves some attention—and best of all, it comes at a very reasonable price.

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Winmau Diamond Plus Bristle Dartboard

Winmau is on a winning streak with their dartboards.

The Winmau Diamond Plus is yet another excellent dartboard that comes, at what one could argue, a modest price for such a dartboard.

This is an outstanding dartboard for anyone that wants to play in the comfort of their home.

The board is heavy and sturdy. When you hold it, you can feel how sturdy and well built it is. The fibers allow for the darts to sink in very well. What is a very neat surprise; however, is the fact that despite the low price, it has some excellent healing capabilities.

If I had to nitpick, I would say that the only thing this board needs improvement on is the staples. The inner bull is staple-free, but the rest of the wiring is not.

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Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard

Unicorn Eclipse Professional Bristle Dartboard

I am sure you don’t need me to tell you what Unicorn is. Anyone who has watched at least one of the world’s championships has seen these dartboards.

The Eclipse Pro ticks all the important boxes. The sisal fibers are of great quality. The wiring is thin and, most importantly, staple-free.

This means fewer bounce outs and more fun playing darts.

I personally wouldn’t consider this to be the best self-healing dartboard on the market as of today, but it does have some self-healing capabilities and will last you a while if properly taken care of.

There is one more thing worth considering—the price. It is a very inexpensive dartboard, and although it cannot compete with the quality of the really expensive dartboards, it certainly makes up in price.

If you are looking for a good middle-ground dartboard, this is definitely in the golden mean for anyone that does not want to go with a cheap bare-bones $15 dartboard, but also does not want to spend $100 either.

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WIN.MAX Bristle Dartboard

WIN.MAX 18 Bristle Dartboard

This dartboard by Win.Max proved to be another great, fairly inexpensive, but high-quality dartboard. In fact, it may just as easily be up there with some of the other big names in the darts industry.

The dartboard has staple-free wiring, which is also very thin and does not lead to an increase in the bounce outs whatsoever.

Win.Max used good, quality Kenyan sisal fibers for the dartboard, which seem to be very durable and long-lasting.

The dartboard itself feels very sturdy and well-built. When you hold it, it weighs a fair bit—about 13 pounds or so.

The really cool thing about it is that it comes with surprisingly good quality darts. So you are not just buying a dartboard but six steel tip darts, some extra flights, and even a small darts wax tablet. (Of course, the mounting hardware is also included.)

If you are looking for a good value bundle, this one is well worth the consideration.

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IgnatGames Professional Dartboard

IgnatGames Dartboard

This dartboard is definitely another excellent example that quality dartboards do not have to break your bank.

Made with high-quality African bristle fibers, it has very good self-healing capabilities—just make sure you rotate it frequently as that will allow you to use it for a very long time.

The entire dartboard’s wiring is staple free. And coupled with the extra thin wiring—which is 65% thinner compared to the standard round wiring—you will be able to enjoy your games more while having fewer bounce outs.

The neat thing about this dartboard is that you are getting not just one high-quality board but also two sets of darts (six darts in total).

Included also you will find a darts ebook with some neat tips and tricks on how to play different darts games and a darts oche measuring tape—after considering the price it sells at—this is definitely a great bang for the buck.

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Viper Razorback Bristle Dartboard

Viper Razorback Official Competition Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

The Viper Razorback dartboard is called that because of its razor-thin wiring. The 0.03″ galvanized wiring is designed in such a way as to reduce the chances of you experiencing bounce outs while playing.

The wiring (including the bulls-eye) is completely staple-free, so you will not have to worry about hitting those pesky staples.

Although it is touted as a good self-healing dartboard, I will not personally consider it one of the best in that category. I have gone through the best self-healing dartboards in another article, and there are certainly a lot better options out there (If this is an important feature for you, make sure to check my article on the best self-healing dartboards.).

It is also a very low-priced dartboard, so naturally, it is not exactly fair to compare it to some of the other dartboards that cost 1.5x more. Overall it is a good value dartboard for anyone who is looking for a cheaper dartboard that will not break their bank.

But I cannot in good conscience omit the fact that you can get a lot better dartboards for a few extra bucks. Of course, that will depend on how much you are willing to spend, so make sure to also check some of the other dartboards on this list.

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WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board

WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

So far, we have been looking primarily at steel tip dartboards, but there are also a few cheaper electronic dartboards that are available for $100 or less.

This one from Win.Max is our first entry. It comes with 21 games and 65 game variations. It covers the great majority of the most popular darts games, and it is suitable even for team games.

But the dartboard does not come alone. With it, you will also receive 12 soft tip darts, extra replacement tips, flights, flight protectors, and a dart tool.

The dartboard is lightweight (3.4 pounds) and can easily be hanged almost anywhere.

Even though it is not the best electronic dartboard by any means, it is one of the best value electronic dartboards that the whole family can enjoy. The price and the quality (including the extra accessories) are unbeatable.

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Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality and high-end electronic dartboards, which often can cost several hundreds of dollars.

However, they can also offer some cheaper dartboards that sell for around $100 or so.

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 is a great cheap electronic dartboard that comes with 31 games and 178 variations.

The dartboard is sturdy and plays well. It is easy to set up.

Overall this is an electronic dartboard of a very decent quality. Not everyone will be willing to spend $200 even $300 on an electronic dartboard, in which case this dartboard can be a great middle-ground.

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Viper Orion Electronic Dartboard

Viper Orion Electronic Dartboard

The Viper Orion features 32 games and 300 game options. It is a good 15.5″ sized dartboard.

On the dartboard, you will find a good quality, easy to see display.

You will find it very easy to keep track of the current running scores for most games, and it is perfectly suitable for cricket games as well.

This dartboard is also able to keep the running scores of up to 8 players at the same time.

And if players of different skill and ability are playing against each other, you can always use the handicap features to have the players on a level playing field.

It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and six soft tip darts.

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Viper 787 Electronic Dartboard

And yet another good quality electronic dartboard by Viper.

This one is again a 15.5″ sized dartboard that comes with 43 games and 240 game options.

It can accommodate up to 16 people, which is more than enough to meet the needs of most darts players.

The dartboard comes with six soft tip darts and the necessary mounting hardware.

The dartboard works well, and there are no inconsistencies in the registered hits.

In my opinion, the colors used for this dartboard are definitely a little more lively and pleasing to the eye compared to the Viper Orion. (Mainly because of the gray sectors on the dartboard, which I personally did not like.)

Another thing worth mentioning is that this is a battery-powered dartboard, which may be a good feature depending on what you are looking for. (Although Viper does offer an AC adapter, which is sold separately.)

Overall, a good quality dartboard that has a lot of options and comes at a very low price.

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Is $100 Enough to Buy a Good Dartboard?

The answer is it depends.

A $100 is more than enough to get yourself a very high-quality professional steel tip dartboard.

You can basically get the same dartboard that the pros play on TV and still have some money left for a quality set of steel tip darts.

High-quality top of the line steel tip dartboards do not cost a lot. So if you are after a steel tip dartboard, yes, a $100 is more than enough to fit the bill.

The only instances where you may be required to pay more than $100 for a steel tip dartboard is if you are buying a dartboard with a cabinet, a free-standing dartboard, or some kind of a limited edition dartboard, a custom made dartboard, or a branded board.

When it comes to soft tip electronic dartboards things tend to change a little bit. Electronic dartboards cost a lot more than steel tip dartboards. Usually, the really good and high-quality ones are in the $200 to $300 range.

So electronic dartboards that cost around $100 or less are usually entry models at best. That does not mean they are not worth buying just that they will lack in features, consistency, and built quality compared to other high-quality electronic dartboards.

Are Dartboards That Cost $100 Worth It?

If your budget is about $100, give or take, this means that you will be able to choose from some of the best dartboards on the market as of today. Of course, I am talking about steel tip or bristle fiber dartboards.

For that price range, you can expect to get a dartboard that is made with some of the highest quality sisal fibers, has super thin wiring, and that comes with all the bells and whistles.

Soft tip electronic dartboards that cost $100, on the other hand, are only worth buying if you are specifically looking for such a dartboard within that specific price range.

I am saying this because these are usually entry models that cannot compare to other electronic models that cost several times over. If you are willing to make these sacrifices, an electronic dartboard for about $100 or less may be worth buying.

If you are interested in checking out the best dartboards in this category, I invite you to check my article on the best soft tip dartboards.

Are More Expensive Dartboards Worth It?

Darts is not an expensive sport. You really don’t need to spend huge sums of money on playing darts. You don’t even need to go to the local league or pub to play it.

This is one of the reasons why darts has always been so popular.

And this holds true for all aspects of darts. I have talked more about that in my article about whether or not expensive darts make a difference. It is worth investing in good and high-quality darts and dartboards, but beyond a certain price level, there is little to no benefit of spending more.

Do you really need to buy the most expensive darts in the world? Or the most expensive dartboard in the world? No. You really don’t. The price tag will not make you a better player. But, a quality dartboard and set of darts can make all the difference in the world as they make playing darts a lot more enjoyable.

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