The Best Laser Oche [And is it worth it?]

The oche is important to any darts game.

An oche is irreplaceable when you want to have a smooth game.

But one of the important questions is, “Is a laser oche worth it?”

After all people have been using real physical methods to mark the throwing line for years.

So does this little laser gadget provide any benefits?

Is a Laser Oche Worth The Investment?

Most of us have been using a lot of different methods to mark the throwing line. This includes the infamous and fancy duct tape, toe line stickers, wooden boards and who knows what else.

These work and are relatively inexpensive.

However, there are some disadvantages to them, I am sure you have noticed.

A duct tape just does not look very nice, to be honest, and it starts to peel off with time and it can accumulate dirt and all kinds of nasty stuff.

Depending on where your dart board is you may have a carpet. And sticking a duct tape on a carpet and making it stay there is quite literally impossible.

A wooden board although much sturdier it will get in the way and it is just one extra thing to trip over, but well it does the job.

A laser oche is mounted usually on the wall where your dart board is. After dealing with all kinds of stuff it feels like a breath of fresh air.

There is one more thing.

From a clarity stand point, ease of use, and cleanliness all the other methods do not even come close. It does not matter what kind of flooring or carpet you have it will work. It will not get in your way and will not ruin your room design in any way.

The Best Laser Oche

Here is the best laser oche that we can use.

The Viper Laser Oche

Laser Oche
A laser oche makes marking the throwing line a piece of cake.

The Viper laser oche works great. You can place it on top or below your dart board.

How to setup:

It is a good idea to make sure it is aligned horizontally. However, the laser itself is placed on a ball joint hinge and it swivels so it can be adjusted on its own.

The ball joint of the laser is very sensitive and just a slight movement can throw the line off by a significant amount.

Just measure the distance mark it, and adjust the laser accordingly. It is super simple to setup.

When you are ready simply tighten up the two bolts that are located around the laser. This will tighten and lock the laser in place preventing it from easily shifting.

Where to mount it:

The Viper laser oche can be mounted on the wall using the two front mounting holes.

If you have a dartboard cabinet, this can be even better as you can mount it on the cabinet with a piece of velcro tape like this one from Velcro Brand on Amazon. That way you will not need to damage or drill more holes in your wall.

The laser will not get in your eyes and it is bright enough so that it marks the Oche line very gently. It is not too bright so it will not create any distractions.

Keep in mind that if you place the laser underneath the board you may potentially hit it with stray darts and knock it off measurement.

Additional information:

It is bright enough and can easily be seen even in bright lit rooms with some windows.

However, if you want to take it outside in a bright and sunny day the laser will not be visible so it is better for an indoor use.

This model is battery powered so you do not have to worry about potentially hitting any exposed wires with your darts. The battery doors are located at the front which means that you will not need to constantly remove the laser oche from the wall.

This laser oche offers great value for its price, helping you keep the room clean while at the same time having everything you need to play a game of darts.

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